London’s Bheema Goes Philosophical


Bruno Wilfred, a prominent figure in the London’s theatre circle and popular for his portrayal of Bheema in `Keejakavadham, says art is divine and there is no space for deception and treachery on stage….writes Rajitha Saleem

Bruno as Kalan in Kalikalapuri
Bruno as Kalan in Kalikalapuri

Bruno Wilfred, hailing from the south Indian state of Kerala, is a significant presence in the London theatre scene for more than a decade now. He started his career in theatre in 2006 with historical dramas where he portrayed the character of Bheema in `Keejakavadham.’ From then on, he has been adorning the characters of many, for various cultural organisations in the UK.

Prominent among them were the characters of `Kalan’ in Kalikalapuri, of `Ayyankali` in Gurudevan, as a soldier in Jesus to the very recent role of `Perumalayan’ in Kanthi, which made him much endeared.

“Art is divine. There is no space for deception and treachery there. Even with the smallest of roles, it takes you through a voyage which teaches you the value of many things,” Bruno turns philosophical when he reminisces about his journey in art.

“Perumalayan was my first live performance, on stage here in UK, whereas all the others were recorded. It was a real experience to hear your own voice and persona on stage and I felt that it was the drama `Kaliyattom’ which brought out the real dramatic quality of Kanthi,” added Bruno.

Bruno in Kanthi1
Bruno in Kanthi1

A seasoned actor back in Kerala, where he has been associated with the drama troupe Assisi of Kollam, Bruno was active in the theatre scene from 1991. Coming to UK almost 12 years back, he has been an active presence in many KCWA (Kerala Cultural Welfare Organisation) events.  Bruno is looking forward to his new project of Shakuntalam again by KCWA and the staging of Gurudevan and Jesus in the coming months.

“It was indeed a pleasant surprise to see the final product of Kanthi, as I myself was not sure how the director and hence the audience can hold the underlying theme of Kanthi through representation of so many adaptations of films. But kudos to the technique adapted by the skilful Manoj Shiva, he has again proved that theatre is a director’s tool,” added a visually satisfied Bruno.

A gifted artist, Bruno is known to the Malayalee audience to choreograph many dance programs and to shake a leg himself at many venues.