Love, Bombs and Apples Opens in Arcola


Love, Bombs & Apples, a comic, yet politically provocative play, opened to rave reactions at the Arcola Theatre in June. The spectacular one-man show wowed audiences as actor Asif Khan delivered a powerful, sensitive and witty performance to a packed theatre . . . . reports Asian Lite News

A Still from the Play
A Still from the Play

Comic and poignant, Love, Bombs & Apples is the latest play from award winning playwright Hassan Abdulrazzak. Using comedy as a vehicle to bravely tackle problems facing the Arab, Jewish and Muslim communities across the world, the one-man stand up show draws attention to social issues. The production features four vignettes detailing the lives of four different men with four individual struggles.

Transporting its audience from Palestine to London, and then from Bradford to New York, the play certainly captured the hearts of those in attendance. These are some of the comments that the audience had put forward under the conditions of anonymity:

“I thought it was a really riveting performance – very clever script, extremely relevant issues seen from the Muslim and Jewish perspectives. It worked beautifully. I’m very impressed.”

“I absolutely adored it. So intelligent, very political in a very clever way… and from a performance point of view he did a great job – he was committed an it was impossible not to engage with him.”

“I thoroughly loved it. Absolutely brilliant… The variations of his characters is so well defined, I didn’t feel I was watching a one-man show. Beautifully written and brilliantly executed. Congratulations!”

Set against the backdrop of worldwide, political instability, with the looming threat of civil unrest, this one-man play expertly highlights the problems in today’s global and multicultural landscape. Life under occupation for the average Palestinian; a British -Muslim jailed under suspicion of terrorism; a disenfranchised youth tempted by IS and a Jew torn between his liberal girlfriend and Zionist father are the themes visited in Love, Bombs & Apples. Boldly taking on some of the world’s most notoriously contentious issues in the news today, Abdulrazzak successfully humanises the very real situations faced by indigenous and diasporic Arab, Muslim and Jewish communities.

Written by Hassan Abdulrazzak, directed by Rosamunde Hutt, produced by AIK Productions and Turtle Key Arts, and performed entirely by Asif Khan, Love, Bombs Apples runs at the Arcola until 25th June before continuing on a tour of the UK this summer.

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