MP Sharma Back Dental Campaign


MP Virendra Sharma supported dentists and Root Canal Treatments in the Parliamentary Drop- In event organised by the BES. . . . by Asian Lite News

Root Canal Treatment though Models
Root Canal Treatment though Models

Virendra Sharma, MP Ealing lent out his support in favour of dentistry and recent developments in Root Canal Treatment. He attended the parliamentary drop in event in the House of Commons. This event was organised by Sir Paul Beresford MP in association with British Endodontic Society (BES).

Mr Sharma was given firsthand knowledge of the root canal treatment. The complexity of the procedures was explained through models. He even got a chance to sit on the dentist chair.

MP sharma on the Dentist chair
MP Sharma on the Dentist Chair

It has been found that every year in the UK around 500,000 teeth’s are removed. These can be saved by upgrading the dentist’s skills to Root Canal Treatment. Thus, further research is being carried out in this field as well as the BES urges NHS doctors to ‘top ‘up their skills to Root Canal Treatments.

According to MP Sharma, “On average 769 teeth are unnecessarily removed in my constituency of Ealing, Southall every year. This highlights that teeth are too often removed rather than saved. Considering the ongoing NHS dental contract reforms, I believe this would be an opportune moment to investigate this issue and whether more can be done to support and encourage the delivery of effective endodontic treatment so that more of my constituents can keep their teeth for life.”

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