MWF Organises Charity Event for Clean Water


The Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) hosts Sufi musical evening in order to aid in the water crisis of Tharparkar, Pakistan. . . . reports Subhadrika Sen

The  MWF would be hosting a welfare event at the Community Centre of Ashton Central Mosque to collect funds for providing clean and pure water to the Tharparkar Community in Pakistan. This event would be taking place on the 10th of April, 2016 from 2:30 pm -6 pm in Ashton-Under-Lyne.

Tharparkar is an area in Sindh, Pakistan. It has a heavy population living in its territory. However, due to climate change and its adverse effects on the environment, the area is experiencing frequent droughts. In fact, an epidemic of water-borne diseases claimed the lives of around a hundred and thirty-nine children. Added to this, is the problem of acute water shortage.

Women and children are mostly affected due to this shortage of water. They have to walk miles in order to get water for their families. However, even then, the water is not very clean and not of drinking quality. This becomes very harmful for their health.

The Minhaj Welfare Foundation recognises the need to provide clean water to those in this area and organises various programmes throughout the year to aid the people. According to them, “water is a basic right for all. We help to provide communities in need with access to safe clean water, and promote education in basic hygiene.”

This year, the foundation has organised a programme of Sufi songs and Qawwali for a fundraising event. They had organised a similar programme last year as well, and the collections were way above the expectations. In fact, those who performed on stage also gave their hundred per cent proceeds towards the objective of the Foundation, which is to provide clean water.

Water Pumps
Water Pumps

The proceeds were invested in installing forty –two large water pumps. These pumps were installed within six months of staging the event and have been providing clean drinking water to over seventeen thousand people living in Tharparkar. These pumps have a ten years lifetime each and also require low maintenance making it easier to get quality water at little cost.

This year too, the Foundation expects to collect a good amount through their programme to be able to further their cause in this region.