Neuroscientist and Irwin Mitchell Supply Textbooks to Doctors in Bangladesh

Irwin Mitchell aids to provide doctors in Bangladesh with books

Law firm Irwin Mitchell supports international Brain Injury Project, reports Asian Lite News

The law firm Irwin Mitchell has provided support for a project aimed at supporting doctors in Bangladesh to increase the quality of treatment provided to patients suffering with acquired brain injuries.

Clinicians on the ground in Bangladesh encounter various issues which impede the swift identification, treatment and rehabilitation of acquired brain injuries.  The support provided is part of Irwin Mitchell’s commitment to support diversity in the international community, which has resulted in the group IM Respect, Irwin Mitchell’s internal race and diversity group.

Irwin Mitchell aids to provide doctors in Bangladesh with books
Irwin Mitchell aids to provide doctors in Bangladesh with books

Irwin Mitchell is working in conjunction with expert Neuroscientist, Dr Dave Quinn, and Chartered Psychologist Professor Graham Powell to support the Nasirullah Foundation, a charity which aims to improve patient care for acquired brain injuries by providing medical personnel in Bangladesh with education and training.

Irwin Mitchell have supported the project to date by providing neuropsychology textbooks, a much needed resource to assist clinicians in improving their knowledge of how to assess, treat and rehabilitate acquired brain injuries.

Dr Quinn had travelled to Bangladesh in January 2016 to deliver the first round of training to a group of clinicians. The training focussed on the anatomy, physiology and types of brain injuries, as well as rehabilitation techniques.

Dr Quinn commented on the importance of doctors sharing their experience on an international level, and said “I’ve worked with Irwin Mitchell for over 20 years and have a long standing relationship with them in terms of their support for people with brain injuries.  The Nasirullah Foundation has committed to providing the Neuropsychology profession in Bangladesh with the highest standard of training in evidence based practice that we can manage.  These books form an essential part of that resource.”

Personal Injury Partner and Public Health specialist Amandeep Dhillon, who spearheaded Irwin Mitchell’s involvement in the project, said, “We are honoured to be part of such an important project.  To fund resources which may help to ease the suffering and improve the care and treatment of those with brain injuries is something that we are very proud to be in a position to do.”