Oxford outreach targets talented Asian students


The famous university is determined to support talented students from British Asian community…reports Asian Lite News

Oxford University wants to see more talented students from British Asian backgrounds applying to Oxford with competitive applications and being successful, and has launched a targeted outreach initiative this week aimed at encouraging more applications from students from British Asian backgrounds.

The University’s Undergraduate Admissions Office is hosting the first of an annual event specifically targeting British students from Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds who might have the talent to apply to Oxford but need extra guidance and encouragement to make competitive applications.OTR_9034

The university had hosted a conference for around 80 students in year 10 and 11 from state schools in the Slough and High Wycombe areas. The conferences are aimed at students as well as their parents and teachers, and offer practical information about how to develop their academic interests and to appreciate the wide range of degrees on offer from Oxford.

Dr Samina Khan, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach at Oxford University, says: ‘We at Oxford want the best students from all backgrounds, but we know some Asian students are held back in applying here, or don’t have the support in place to make the most competitive applications they can. Working in partnership with schools and families, we hope to address some of the gaps in encouraging more British Asians to consider Oxford and to look at the diversity of courses on offer.

‘We hope students attending this conference come away feeling Oxford is within their reach, and having current students from similar backgrounds on hand will give a realistic and encouraging picture of what life can be like studying at Oxford.OTR_9025

‘From my own background, my parents and community were very supportive of my university ambitions but they were not able to help me with super-curricular activities and did not understand why I didn’t want to study medicine or law. I was very keen to study chemistry and that is what I did – I’m glad I let my academic passion dictate my choices and now I have what I think is the best job in the world. The aim of the conference is to guide students, teachers and parents so that other students can make the same informed decisions.’

The events are part of the university’s work specifically targeting students from ethnic minority backgrounds who are often less likely to apply to the university. They are designed to both address concerns prospective students might have about what it’s like to study at Oxford, and give practical support to ensure candidates make the most competitive applications possible.