Priti backs Theresa


Priti Patel, a frontrunner from the Brexit camp has sprung a new surprise by backing Theresa May in the Conservative Leadership contest for the No: 10, instead of Andrea Leadsom who campaigned alongside herself in the Brexit issue. Asian Lite brings to you Priti Patel’s reasons and justifications for backing Theresa May for No: 10.

Our nation is at a crossroads in its history and implementing the will of the British people means that complex decisions will need to be taken.  It is therefore vital that our next Prime Minister is tried and tested with experience of making tough decisions and can lead a united team that will secure Britain’s future.  I have always believed that Britain would be stronger, more prosperous and secure outside of the EU. I stayed true to what I have always believed in with principle and conviction. From all discussions with Theresa on the future of our country, I believe that her experience in tough negotiations, her determination to get the best deal for the UK, and her commitment to reduce immigration – in a fair way – make her the obvious choice.
Priti Patel
That is why I believe that Theresa May is the only candidate best placed to deliver and there no other candidate who comes anywhere close to her experience, or record of strong leadership. She shares the steely determination I always admired in Margaret Thatcher, and she has the experience and trust needed to succeed for this great nation of ours. I will back Theresa to be my Prime Minister and Party Leader in whatever capacity.

Equally important will be the need to unite our party and our country. We must end the tribalism and divisions seen in the Referendum between leave and remain and focus on defining our place in the world and putting core Conservative principles and values into action.

Like me, Theresa’s involvement in the Conservative Party started at the grassroots. I have an enormous respect for her record. She has shown herself to be dedicated to our country and to our Party. Under Theresa’s leadership, the motives of the Conservative Party will never be in any doubt. We will put ourselves at the service of the public and strive to make Britain a country that works for everyone – regardless of who they are, and regardless of where they are from.

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