Priti seeks point based immigration system

Priti Patel MP

Priti Patel MP, Brexit campaigner and Cameron’s Indian Diaspora Champion, calls for a point based immigration system to UK

Priti Patel MP, Indian Diaspora Champion and Minister for works and pensions, is a prominent figure in the Brexit camp
Priti Patel MP, Indian Diaspora Champion and Minister for works and pensions, is a prominent figure in the Brexit camp

Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Gisela Stuart and I released a statement setting out a fairer, non-discriminatory immigration policy, which would help restore the public trust in immigration system.

Immigration into this country is literally out of control – with the numbers growing year after year. This has placed new pressures on our country, and hard working British families feel the impact that this has placed on the services that they rely on: schools, hospitals, public transport and housing are all struggling to cope with the growing demands.

But hidden within this overall growth in immigration is the little recognised fact that successive governments have actually placed tighter and tighter restrictions on immigration from the Commonwealth and other countries. That’s a direct consequence of the fact that they have been powerless to do anything to control the number of people coming here from the EU.

This means we have discriminated against talented doctors, nurses, Kabaddi players, and curry chefs from across the world. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, New Zealand and Australia have been unfairly treated – all because the EU’s obsession with freedom of movement means that for as long as we remain a member we are forced to allow all EU citizens to come here.

This one of the key reasons I am campaigning to leave the European Union – because I want us to be able to take back control over our borders and our immigration policy.

And if we vote to leave we are proposing the introduction of an Australian-style points-based immigration system, to be in place by the next general election.

The system will mean those seeking entry for work or study should be admitted on the basis of their skills, without discrimination on the ground of nationality. And it would be better for the economy because we would be able to admit those people that our economy needs most – those roles that a diverse Britain needs in order to prosper.

A meritocratic immigration system would be better for Britain because we would be getting the brightest and most productive people contributing to our country.

It will be fairer, it will be better for the economy, and we will be in control.

We can do nothing about this as long as we remain in the EU – the only way to take back control of our borders and our immigration policy is toVote Leave on 23 June.

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