Sadaqa Day observed in London

Unity Goods4good packing

Muslim-Jewish friendship group Unity comes together with Goods4Good to collect items to send to the needed, reports Asian Lite news

The North-West London Muslim-Jewish friendship group—Unity–has been actively involved in Sadaqa Day 2016 – a day of social action organised by the Muslim community, inspired by the Jewish Mitzvah Day initiative.

Unity’s main Sadaqa Day project was for Goods4Good in Borehamwood, donating and packing socks and other clothing, toothbrushes and stationary for Syrian refugee adults and children. The group also supported Jewish-Muslim Women’s Network Nisa Nashim Harrow’s Sadaqa Day project funding and packing lunches for the homeless at Stanmore Mosque.

Unity Goods4good packing
Unity Goods4good packing

Radha Dudhia, Project Co-ordinator, Unity, explained, “Working together in this way on social action initiatives is really important and means a great deal to our members. We are able to build understanding and friendship between our communities whilst helping those in real need.”

The Sadaqa Day was started in 2015 by Julie Siddiqi and is a day of social action, when individuals, mosques and other places of worship, schools, women’s and community groups, scouts and guides groups can get involved.

Unity was established in 2015 and is a friendship group of Jewish and Muslim women in North London who meet regularly, through ‘Come Dine With Me’ and ‘Big Iftar’ events.  The group also works together on a range of social action projects, including for asylum seekers, refugees, the homeless and seriously unwell children.

Goods4good is a charity focused on sourcing clothing and shoes from British industry and community, and then packing and sending those goods to registered charities overseas with the main focus currently on refugees in Northern Iraq and Syria.