Safe Fasting With Diabetes During Ramadan


Diabetes UK comes to various Mosques and Centres in the UK delivering talks on proper fasting with diabetes. . . . by Asian Lite News

The Diabetes UK is on a lookout for volunteers prior to the start of the Ramadan month is year on June 7th. During this festival, it is expected to fast for over 12 to 18 hours a day; which can be fatal to the health of those who have diabetes.

Thus, the volunteers would visit mosques and Islamic Centres delivering talks on how to fast safely for the month of Ramadan despite having diabetes. This wonderful initiative taken by this Organisation would not only help those with Ramadan stay safe and fast; it would also provide information about fasting while being diabetic.

Krishna Sarda, Engaging Communities Manager at Diabetes UK said, “While fasting is not necessary for people with diabetes, choosing to fast is a personal decision that is best made after speaking with both your Imam and your diabetes team. If you decide to fast, you may choose to postpone this until winter when shorter days mean you would not have to fast for so long. If you choose to fast during Ramadan, it is important to get advice from your doctor or nurse beforehand and sensible eating and drinking outside of fasting hours is vital.”

Olivia Djouadi, 44, from Bromley, is one of the trained volunteers who deliver these sessions. She has Type 1 diabetes and chooses not to fast during Ramadan. She says: “If you have a condition like diabetes and are on medication then you don’t have to fast – it is important for religious reasons to keep your body in good health. I was quite surprised how many people with diabetes who are Muslim didn’t realise that they could do other activities in place of fasting, such as feeding other people or volunteering. I always volunteer one morning a week in a nursing home and so I know I have made my contribution.”

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