Sir Edward Lauds Hindu Community


Senior Conservative Politician and Leicestershire MP, Sir Edward Garnier QC, thanked the British Hindu community for their contribution to the UK while celebrating at Shri Krishna Rasamrut Mahotsav at Shreeji Dham Haveli in Leicester….reports Asian Lite News

Sir Edward  at the temple
Sir Edward at the temple

The event saw hundreds of people from across the country attend the Shrimad Bhagwat Saptha at the Shreeji Dham Haveli in Leicester.

Sir Edward spoke of the vital contribution the community makes to Britain and conveyed his best wishes on behalf of Prime Minister Theresa May. The event also raised awareness of Organ Donation and Transplantation in Leicestershire.

Kirit Mistry, Professor Samani, Sir EG, Dipak Joshi
Kirit Mistry, Professor Samani, Sir Edward Garnier QC and Dipak Joshi

“I want to thank the British Hindu population, and particularly not just those of you that are in this great tent this afternoon, but all those that you represent, who could not fit in this hall,” Sir Edward said. “Because it is unquestionable that the life of our country – it is not my country, it is our country – has been hugely enriched by those of you, who were born in India, in Gujarat, those of you who were born in East Africa, and of course, those of you who were born here. So, thank you very much for all that you do – in terms of culture, in terms of business, in terms of politics, but also in terms of public service.

“And if I may embarrass him, there is one amongst us here, Professor Samani, who if you like, represents what British India means. The facts are that he is a professor, an eminent doctor, a cardiologist, and that he has been recognised by Her Majesty the Queen, in that he was knighted not so very long ago, I think in the beginning of 2015. But he symbolises, throughout British life, what all of you have done to make this a better country.

“The second thing I want to do is to bring greetings from our new Prime Minister, Theresa May, who has asked me to thank you on behalf of her new Government, for all that you have done over the many years that our two civilisations have been connected, and to wish you well this weekend, and were she here, I am sure that she would say the same.

“So thank you, yet again, for all that you do. Not just for Leicester, not just for Leicestershire, not just for the East Midlands, and you do lots. But to thank you for what you do for this great country, the United Kingdom, because without you, and without the many followers and adherents to the great faith which you represent, our country, and I mean our country, would be a much poorer place.

“So thank you very much indeed. I’m honoured to have been permitted to come here today and I look forward to further such occasion whereby we can enjoy the warmth of each other’s company. Thank you so much.”