Smita writes The Karma and Diamonds trilogy

smita joshi

Smita Joshi in her debut book THE KARMA & DIAMONDS TRILOGY writes about  a gripping journey of Self-discovery across continents & lifetimes, Asian Lite reports

smita joshi
smita joshi

The Karma and Diamonds trilogy marks the debut of author Smita Joshi. This profound trilogy chronicles the struggles of a woman who courageously tackles the challenges of life. Smita’s vivid memoir illustrates how we all have the power within us to overcome adversity and lead happy, fulfilled lives. But more importantly, Smita Joshi shows how to access and harness that power for long-lasting contentment. 

In Moon Child – the first book in the series, the seven year old Smita is oblivious to the impending turn of events that will have a sudden and dramatic impact on her life. Just after she faces the possibility of sudden death, the young Smita has a strange but mystical experience that will ultimately have a profound effect on her as she grows up. This epiphany, which Smita calls her ‘inner self’ or ‘inner diamond’ will eventually help her deal with traumatic situations in life and steer her towards success and insight.

Aged ten, she moves to the UK with her parents. Growing up in London, she struggles with the difficulties of balancing traditional Indian culture and modern-day London during her adolescence. Amidst rejection, heartbreak, loneliness and the struggle to start a career, determined to make life work, this young woman battles against all odds to find her place in the world, both physically and spiritually turning to her ‘inner diamond’ for guidance.

In a roller coaster storyline packed with travel, action, humour, intense emotion and romance, Smita tells a bookuniversally relevant story which spans continents and lifetimes. She encourages us to trust our inner voice, so we can learn to heal, find more peace and happiness, and discover who we truly are. Dramatic revelations in Book 2, Web of Karma unveil the truth about her past lives, but what affect will these revelations have?

Will a life-threatening illness discovered in Book 3, Diamond Revealed, bring her quest to a premature end.

Smita Joshi is a  British Indian, born in Gujarat, India. She has enjoyed a successful career as a corporate business executive working with global leaders of industry on multi-million dollar contracts. She has been one of the pioneers in bringing India’s Information Technology services into the heart of British and European companies. As a freelance TV presenter, she has interviewed leading politicians, entrepreneurs and gurus.  She’s an experienced life coach and certified yoga teacher. Her YouTube videos have nearly 165,000+ views. For more information, go to