Tory Councillors Appeal to PM


A letter signed by 130 Tory councillors urge Prime Minister David Cameron to respect the views of grass root level tories

cameronAs Prime Minister David Cameron preparing to unveil his final push to get a fair deal from EU leaders, over 130 Tory councillors warned the PM that the future of the Conservative party will be ruined  if he ignores grassroots members ahead of the EU referendum, The Telegraph reported.

The letter to the Prime Minister comes just one day after Eric Pickles, a former Cabinet minister, wrote an email to all Tory councillors urging them to “support the Prime Minister in his battle to achieve a better deal with our European partners”.

The councillors said that campaigning for Britain to leave the EU is the “only honest and responsible thing to do” in the wake of his failed renegotiation with Brussels.

They call on Conservatives across the country to back a “Brexit” because Mr Cameron’s renegotiation with Brussels meets none of the promises set out in the party’s general election manifesto.

The letter, signed by 132 Tory councillors, will represent a further blow to Mr Cameron and comes after Brussels published a new version of the draft deal being offered to Britain, which critics said has been further watered down.