WhatsApp Factor of a Marathi Album


What role WhatsApp played in the creation of a Marathi music album? It unites a team of music lovers living miles and continent apart to release their first album. A group of Indian-origin medical professionals released an album in Marathi titled Swar Hey Diwane….reports Asian Lite News 

CD cover
CD cover

Swar Hey Diwane, Marathi Music Album, is an album with a difference! It was entirely conceived and formulated via WhatsApp. Lead Singer Dr Asmita Dixit is a family physician and rheumatologist, Newcastle, UK;  Music Director Dr Mukul Acharya is an ENT Surgeon, Liverpool, Lyricist Dr Nitin Abhyankar is a chest physician, Pune. Other singers are Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar; Ranjana Joglekar; Bela Shende and Swapnil Bandodkar.

The three axes of this album were located in three different parts of the globe – Liverpool & Newcastle in the UK and Pune in India! Another factor that makes it unique is that the lyricist, the music director and the lead singer are all full time doctors by profession!

The Music Director, Dr Mukul Acharya , is an ENT Surgeon, working full time in the NHS, based in Liverpool, UK. He is a versatile Music Director, composing songs of different genres, ranging from Ghazal to devotional to peppy numbers.

Dr Mukul Acharya with Dr Nitin Abhyankar
Dr Mukul Acharya with Dr Nitin Abhyankar

The lead singer, Dr Asmita Dixit, is a Family Physician with special interest in Rhuematology, also working full time in the NHS. Dr Asmita is a phenomenally talented & versatile singer with a euphonious voice and an uncanny ear for music. She sings all genres of songs, ranging from Ghazals, to semi-classical to fast peppy and western numbers in different languages. Her forte is the vast range of expressions in her singing.

Singer -Dr Asmita Dixit
Singer -Dr Asmita Dixit

Dr Nitin Abhyankar, the talented lyricist of this album is an Interventional Chest Physician based in Pune. The seeds for the album were sowed quite a few years ago when the first three songs of this album were conceived and composed in Lokmanya Tilak Medical College, Mumbai by Nitin and Mukul.

Life trundled along for these doctors. Internship, Post-graduation, all came and went by and Mukul found himself reminiscing on a Cimmerian, blustery and bleak afternoon in the North-West of good old England!! He seemed to have drifted, almost unwittingly, into this foreign land, yearning for friends, music and some sunshine. He wondered whatever happened to that music, those expectations and promises shown by the brief spark of talent displayed through the writing, music and singing of these three stars. Or was this all destined to shrivel away and die a slow death! Fast forward to March 2015 – Formation of a Music WhatsApp group of ex medicos from LTMMC, Mumbai

20160504_213941Mukul meets Nitin again on this forum and they decide to test themselves to find if the Right hemisphere of eh brain still functioned? What followed was the first song of this album – music composed first followed by the words. The found a perfect ally for their maiden venture here in the UK in the form of Dr Asmita Dixit!

Dr Asmita has sung three songs from the album – two solos and one duet. Dr Asmita also sang the pilot tracks for 3 other songs which were later rendered by two famous singers from the Marathi Film industry viz Bela Shende (Jodha Akbar, A R Rahman fame) and Ranjana Joglekar, also a senior playback singer.

The tune for a song would be composed by Mukul in Liverpool, sent over WhatsApp to Nitin in Pune, who would then write the words (the process would also be reversed with Nitin sending the words first and Mukul composing later.)

Then the tune and the lyrics would be sent via WhatsApp to Dr Asmita in Newcastle, who would then grasp the intricacies of the tune, record the song and send it back to Mukul.  This half-baked version would then be sent to Pune for the music arrangement and tracks would be prepared.

Communication with the other singers in the album was also established through WhatsApp. All the eight songs were finally recorded in Pune in November 2015 and the album was launched on 12 February in Pune amidst 400 people, friends and well-wishers.

The artistes are looking  towards the support from the audiences. The profits from the CD have been pledged to the Hemalkasa Foundation run by Dr Prakash Amte.

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