Yvette turns heat on Johnson & Gove

Yvette Cooper MP with GMP Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd

Yvette Cooper MP says Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are not standing up for the NHS….reports Asian lite News

Yvette Cooper MP with GMP Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd
Yvette Cooper MP with GMP Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd

Yvette Cooper MP has challenged Vote Leave’s claims over the future of the NHS, calling their approach ‘cynical and hollow’.

The former Shadow Home Secretary, and MP for Pontefract and Castleford, said: “The idea that Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are standing up for our NHS is a joke. These are cynical and hollow claims when Boris Johnson and Vote Leave have a track record of calling for everyone to pay to use the NHS.

Boris Johnson has a track record of opposing workers’ rights and arguing for charging in the NHS. Earlier he called for people to be charged to use the NHS.

“There is a moral point. If NHS services continue to be free in this way, they will continue to be abused like any free service. If people have to pay for them, they will value them more,” he was quoted as saying.  “Above all, there is an economic point. In a very modest way, this extension of private funds into the NHS would help the Chancellor’s straitened circumstances.”

He has said we should have a different model of healthcare: “People are being driven to use private medicine in despair at the NHS…It is wrong of the Chancellor to set his face against the experience of other countries that have a far better record of health care provision, a far better life expectancy, and a far better record of dealing with cancer and coronary heart disease. Those countries do so not just because they spend more money on health but because they do not rely exclusively on a top-down monopolistic health service of the kind that we have in this country.”

“If we lose billions of pounds in trade and put jobs at risk by pulling out of Europe then that will hit our economy and hit funding for our NHS. That’s why so many top medics have called for us to remain. Nor can Boris Johnson pretend to be speaking for working people when he has criticised the minimum wage and called for vital workers’ rights to be scrapped.

“Being in Europe has delivered substantial benefits for working people including improved working conditions, the right to paid holidays, the introduction of maximum working hours and protection for maternity and paternity rights. Walking away from the EU puts all of that at risk.”