Afghan IS group is Expanding

Afghan security forces inspect the site of suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan, Nov. 27, 2014. At least five Afghan civilians were killed and 34 others wounded Thursday morning after a suicide car bombing targeted a British embassy armored vehicle in eastern of Afghan capital of Kabul, sources said.

IS accumulates force in Afghanistan… .reports Asian Lite

The Islamic State terror group located in Afghanistan is growing and wants to use the country “as a springboard to expand further”, a Russian official said on Wednesday.

The situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated recently, as the Taliban movement launched offensives in major cities and the influence of the IS has also increased, Xinhua quoted the Russian official as saying.

The terror group is thriving in Afghanistan but it behaves quietly and accumulates strength so as to act decisively, he said.

Tt does not waste its resources to fight Afghan and American troops because it wants to use Afghanistan as a springboard for broader expansion, the official said.

He also said Taliban has taken no real step to negotiate.

“Taliban is not configured to negotiate, they are determined to fight,” Kabulov added.