Greek Unions Firm on Strike


Greek labour unions continue strike against pension, tax reforms….reforms Asian Lite News

A man and a baby stand before a graffiti on a wall in central Athens, Greece
A man and a baby stand before a graffiti on a wall in central Athens, Greece

A strike called by Greece’s largest private and public sector unions, GSEE and ADEDY, continued for the second day on Saturday in protest against the pension and tax reforms, which are scheduled to be voted on by parliament on Sunday.

The first day of the strike, which was announced on Thursday evening after the government decided to bring the reforms vote forward, attracted less participants than a previous strike staged on February 4, Efe news reported.

Metro, tram and bus services stopped and will remain closed until Sunday, when a partial strike will be staged.

However, the response of the trade sector was very low, with most stores opening despite the low turnout of customers due to the suspension of public transport services.

The strike did not affect Athens International Airport on Friday or Saturday, as, unlike February, air traffic controllers refused to join it.

Other organisations that have joined the strike include farmers, who called for a protest on Saturday in the centre of Athens, and the journalists’ union.

The controversial reforms are part of the third bailout of the Greek government, which seeks to save 5.4 billion euros ($6.1 billion) through pension cuts and tax increases.