Eid in New Delhi

Asian Lite marks the Holy Month with a series of Ramadan Musings with Masarat Daud

 My usual Eid breakfast is not very common among many. Our Eid morning starts with a vermicelli pudding (kheer), a potato curry with fried bread (poori). However, a staple on Eid is the biryani. Saira Khan shares her recipe of an Eid biryani traditionally cooked at her home.



4 cups of long-grain Basmati rice

1.5 kgs chicken

Two onions thinly sliced

1 whole garlic peeled

1½ inch ginger

1 cup plain yoghurt

1 tsp chilli powder

1½ tsp coriander powder

1tsp grounded garam masala

10-12 cloves

1tsp cumin seeds

4 bay leaves

10-12 green cardamoms

10 dried plums

5 cloves

1tsp full whole black pepper

4 black cardamoms,

1 ½ inch cinnamon stick

1tsp mace powder

Salt to taste


Slice the onions and fry them. Once they turn golden, remove 3/4th of the onions onto a paper towel. In the remaining oil and onions, add the whole spices. Add chicken and along with a paste made out of the ginger and garlic. Add other powdered spices and salt. Mix in the yoghurt with the crushed fried onions. Cook well till oil separates. Keep cooking on medium-high heat until the liquid in the pot evaporates.

Meanwhile, cook the rice in a pot of salted boiling water till it is 3/4th done. When you break a grain of rice between your fingers, it will split into three.

Drain the excess water. Layer some rice on the bottom. Then put the entire chicken gravy and layer the rice on top of that. Add 2tsp of kewra water and some orange food colour on top of the rice. Cook for 25-30 minutes on a very low heat.

Serve with a yoghurt raita. Enjoy!

Ramadan MusingsMasarat Daud is many things. A girl’s education campaigner, a TED speaker, a TEDx curator, a recent SOAS MA graduate and a politically-incorrect humourist currently based in London.


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