Anisah on Top British Entrepreneurs List


Anisah Osman Britton, the founder of 23 Code Street, was selected as one among the top 10 UK entrepreneurs under 30….reports Asian Lite News

AnisahAnisah runs 23 Code Street, which is a coding school for women in London. For every paying student who joins the school, theschool will teach a woman in India how to code.

The list was prepared by   They have recently been celebrating business people in the UK. In May, they published a list of 50 of the country’s most inspirational female entrepreneurs, and recently they’ve been celebrating young talent. They have been showcasing some of the most exciting business people in the country who are under the age of 30.

“With so many young people excelling in business in the country, the company felt that it was important to showcase these talented individuals to inspire other young people into doing the same thing,” said Nick Riesel, founder of FreeOfficeFinder. “There are so many people out there with business ideas yet don’t have the confidence or knowledge of how to turn these ideas into reality, so hopefully this can inspire them into doing so. “

“In May we wrote the feature on 50 female entrepreneurs and the response was fantastic, so we have decided to continue celebrating some of the UK’s best business people,” he added. “Starting a business can be hard and very daunting, but I feel that putting together this list shows people that you are never too young to start or make a success of things.

“Business is a learning curve for people of all ages, so the earlier you get into it, the more you will learn”.

For the selection of Anisah, Nick said: “For this list, we were not just looking for people who have made the most money or are the most famous, but business people who inspire in other ways too. We’re not only impressed by Anisah setting up her own coding school, but the fact that she wants to use the proceeds to help less fortunate people is truly inspiring.”

”Coding is a skill that can be extremely beneficial to people in any part of the world, and can lead to a fantastic career opportunities. By setting up 23 Code Street, Anisah is doing something that can benefit many people.”

The full list is here .