How to become a Saint? Tips from a Pope


Pope Francis says those who don’t gossip could become saints….reports Asian Lite News

pope francisPeople who are not gossips and don’t speak ill of others are heading in the right direction for sainthood, Pope Francis said in a sermon. “If you are capable of not speaking badly of someone else, you are on the right path to becoming a saint,” Francis said as he celebrated mass at the Vatican hotel, where he lives.

He urged Catholics to “bite their tongue” and resist the temptation to criticise their neighbours and workmates.

“Yes, your tongue will get a bit swollen, but your spirit will be saintlier if you go down this route.

“Don’t turn around but keep going in this direction, with moral strength,” he said.

Sainthood is a “blameless” journey before God and it can’t be bought or sold, the pontiff said.

“I can pray for someone to become a saint, but that person must make the journey, not me. The path to sainthood takes courage.”

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