Putin Flexes Nuclear Muscles


Russia successfully tests nuclear-capable hypersonic glider warhead….reports Asian Lite News

 putinRussia has successfully tested its advanced hypersonic glider warhead, also known as Object 4202, a media report said on Friday.

“It’s the first, totally-completed test of the warhead capable of reaching the speed of 7 km/second on the maximum altitude,” Xinhua news agency quoted Russian media as saying.

The warhead was fired on Tuesday from the Dombarovsky area in Russia’s western Orenburg region to the Far Eastern Kamchatka’s firing field of Kura.

According to the Russian media, the hypersonic warhead is designed to be installed to replace conventional warheads on promising intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Before entering the dense layers of the atmosphere, the warhead completes a composite manoeuvre so that missile defence facilities will not be able to intercept it, the media said.

Syrian Issue

Russia described the latest report by the OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM) in Syria as “unconvincing,” saying that the report is “not substantiated by sufficient testimonial basis”.

“We can say now that in most cases they are not substantiated by sufficient testimonial basis, first of all material proof, they are full of contradictions and therefore, unconvincing,” Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin said in a statement on Thursday.

“The JIM has added nothing new to the story, but for some reasons decided to re-adjust the initial conclusions on the incidents in Marea, Sarmin and Talmenes,” Churkin said.

“As we understand the conclusions of the JIM are not definitive, have no legally binding force and cannot serve as accusatory conclusions for taking legal decisions,” he said.

Earlier in 2016, the Security Council voiced its concern about the use of chemical weapons by warring parties in Syria, including terrorists.

The Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM) is tasked with identifying “individuals, entities, groups, or governments involved in the use of chemicals as weapons” in Syria, according to the Security Council.

Based in The Hague, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) with JIM in Syria was established after the UN Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2235 which aimed at identifying those behind chemical weapons attacks in Syria.