Brussels Attack Shock Indian Diaspora

Tribute to Brussels victims

The bomb blasts in Brussels that killed 30 people and injured around 300, has carved pain and fear among people around the world. Dimple Meera Jom and Subhadrika Sen compile the response to this recent attack from various Asians

Hiya Deb
Hiya Deb

“These incidents one after the other is raising the question on humanity. None of the religion teaches us to harm anybody.”-

Hiya Deb MA in Film -Making , The University of Kingston , London

Preeti Roychoudhury  Photo Credit: Sourodip ghosh
Preeti Roychoudhury
Photo Credit: Sourodip ghosh

“It is my sincerest hope that Humanity survives at the end of the day.” –

Preeti Roychoudhury , Teacher, Loreto House


Pritha Sil
Pritha Sil

“I think the terrorist took a revenge for the capture of the most wanted culprit involved in the Paris attack”-

Pritha Sil, International Relations, Jadavpur University


Antara Ghosh
Antara Ghosh

“As terrorism is threatening to escalate out of control and there seems to be no full proof and infallible measure to combat it, one is left to wonder, is humanity really lost?”-

Antara Ghosh, Institute of Chartered Accountants


Mayuri Sil
Mayuri Sil

“What happened in Brussels is condemnable and such acts of violence should be resisted. The world should come together as one to combat terrorism” – Mayuri Sil, Political Science, Loreto College

Shumaila Taher  Photo Credit: Adeeba Firdaus
Shumaila Taher
Photo Credit: Adeeba Firdaus

“We’re being constantly driven by fear in a time where hate and revenge holds more power over human lives. The incident in Brussels is just a preview of what’s to come.”-

Shumaila Taher, Blogger at


Sanjana Mullick
Sanjana Mullick

“A total inhuman activity!!”-

Sanjana Mullick , Political Science , Loreto College


Soumi Ganguly
Soumi Ganguly

“It’s a sad fact, how terrorism is taking place at a continuous rate, destroying lives. However, we as people must stand together and fight against the treacherous acts.”-

Soumi Ganguly, Intern at Giantstep

On inquiring about the Brussels attack to a group of students from the Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, it was interesting to note that more than being ‘Euro-centric’, they are more concerned about the hundreds of attacks that happens in Afghan and Iran. Some of the random comments by the students are:

“Man behind the Paris attack was arrested. So, they responded. An obvious attack”

“The whole world is in a different level of panic right now. No matter how prepared we are, we never know when and where things can go wrong”

“Europe is now vulnerable than most of the Asian countries, Europe is not a safe heaven now”

The response of a student from the Pondicherry university, India, is thought provoking. According to her, these attacks reflect that Europe is more important to the world than Asia. Rather than reviewing these attacks on the basis of the region they live, the time has reached that everyone should stand together for a collective cause.