Dr. Sunita Dube Wins WWLCA

Dr Sunita Dube bags World Women Leadership Award

Dr Sunita Dube bags  “World Women Leadership Congress and Awards”… .reports Asian Lite

Dr. Sunita Dube, a professional Radiologist, was awarded the “World Women Leadership Congress & Awards” 2016. The event  took place in at the TAJ Lands End in Mumbai.The Exemplary Women Leadership Award recognizes and appreciates women power and their work, celebrating their successes and showcasing their excellence in their respective fields.

Dr Sunita has been presented with this award in recognition of her outstanding contribution in the field of healthcare and diagnostics. The Award is conferred for her “Outstanding vision, flair, acumen and professionalism to demonstrate the excellent leadership and management skills  towards society at large, thus making changes and achieving results”.

Dr Sunita Dube said, “I am highly privileged to receive the recognition and would like to thank my entire team for their dedication, hard work and continuous support towards making the vision come true. Unlike leadership positions in the organised sector being a woman doctor is a very different and unique journey. Each time I am acknowledged with an award, I recall my modest days as an Doctor.”

The objective of the WWLCA is to identify and celebrate the outstanding leadership and achievements demonstrated by Women leaders who are reflected by their distinct innovations and initiatives brought in by them in various private and public sectors.

Dr Sunita Dube started Aryan Hospital in 2003 in Kurla, a suburb of Mumbai. After establishing her hospital Dr Sunita Dube started Aryan Medical & Education Trust. Keeping in line with her philanthropic engagement she had donated Medical Equipments to Municipal Schools and Orphanages. As director of Aryan Group of hospitals Dr Dube made compassionate efforts to provide basic health care and education for the marginalized people of our society. As founder Chairperson of MedscapeIndia a initiative of Aryan Medical & Education Trust Dr Sunita Dube  pioneered a first of its kind organization, in 2011, which brings all the medical specialty bodies and units together on a common platform to inculcate a culture of holistic and fair health care system in our country.