Religious Answers for Life’s Mysteries


The reason of birth, ageing, sickness, and death clarified based on religious scriptures… .reports Asian Lite

Panel Speakers at Durban WARP Office_2
Panel Speakers at Durban WARP

Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL, Chairman Man Hee Lee) KZN branch hosted the HWPL WARP (World Alliance of Religions’ Peace) Office, Dialogue of Scriptures event on April 28th, 2016. The theme of the dialogue was, “Why were men created to experience the process of birth, ageing, sickness, and death?” This has been and will be the most important question humankind has attempted to resolve.

Affiliates of International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) and International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) attended the dialogue as an audience. Speakers included the Shaykh Siddiqi(Muslim), Leon Greenberg (Sai), Thirusha Naidoo ( Hindu youth member) ,Menzi Maseko (Rastafari), Ashantewa (Indigenous religion) and Deon Groupe (Christian).

The representative of the Islamic perspective spoke according to the Quran “Therefore the spiritual essence, the light, of all human being is from, the light Allah, God Almighty, comprising of all His Names, or attributes. Human beings were created to know Allah, and to manifest His attributes, while living in the material world using his knowledge and the the outer and inner senses. The human being is endowed with the capacity to develop his humanness to the highest degree, becoming, insan-i-kamil, the true human being, is both broad and deep because his awareness of the deep spiritual levels within himself, from a multi-sensory perspective, is fully awakened. He uses the surrendered mind as a bridge between the inner and outer self”.

Panel Speakers at Durban WARP Office_1
Panel Speakers at Durban WARP

Based on the Bible, Deon Groupe (Christian Religion) said “God created man, Adam in the beginning and gave him breath of life to live (Gn 2vs7). The breath of life which Adam received was what gave life to his to his soul. God then promised eternal life to Adam if he eats the riot of the tress of life but told him that he will die if he eats the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Adam didn’t keep the promise made with God due to the deception of the serpent and instead faced with death. Adam died at the age of 930. This proves that spirt (inner being) which was in God’s imagine and likeness died when Adam ate the fruit of good and evil and when his flesh(outer being) inevitable death died because of sin (death) proved that the serpent deceived him.”

Menzi Maseko (Rastafarin) shared about the life and death according to this religion, these are all huge topics that are not only philosophical, but really strike me as archetypes that attempt to deal with the very roots of the human experience. But as a Rastafarian, I or We are concerned with the whole entire Cosmos. The question we should be asking is not even the perennial WHO AM I? /What Am I , and Where do I go once I reach the stage of giving up the body. The question to ask is WHAT IS THE PURPOSE or LIFE? Also, by life I am not limited to human life. Although we should acknowledge human culpability in the destruction of vast hectares of Natural habitats ,rivers ,rain-forest and even the pollution of question of identifying One’s True purpose is the subject of thousands of books, videos and other self-help Remedies.

Participants at Durban WARP Office
Participants at Durban WARP

The partakers had their questions on life, ageing, sickness and death resolved after the dialogue, but moreover, they were overwhelmed and captivated because it was a dialogue based on the importance of understanding different religious scriptures. Which enabled them to comprehend and appreciate many religions through the dialogue, as well releasing the importance of all religions uniting at one.

HWPL is promoting true interfaith and peace between the religions through 142 WARP Offices in 70 countries every month. On the 14th of March, HWPL held a Proclamation Ceremony of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War in Seoul, South Korea. It is attracting attention from legislators, legal experts and the mass media all around the world, as it conveys an applied solution for world peace by outlawing the production of weapons, and eradicating every potential of war as well as the solving of religious battles.