UK Supports Women Empowerment in Pakistan


British Chevening alumni highlights women’s role in their Empowerment… . reports Asian Lite

 The British High Commission Chevening Alumni Association of Pakistan and the Lahore College for Women University hosted a debate on Women Empowerment and the role of women in Pakistan on 7th of March.

The keynote speakers include Yasmeen Rehman, former MNA and currently the Strategic Adviser on Improving Parliamentary Performance in Pakistan; renowned entrepreneur Hassan Shah; lawyer Huma Ijaz; and TV documentaries producer Wajiha Rizvi. All the speakers were Chevening Alumni.The event also includes academic Jane Henrici from George Washington University Global Gender Program.

The British High Commission’s Political Counsellor Jennifer Cole OBE said as a longstanding partner of Pakistan, the UK is working with the Government of Pakistan and various non-government organisations for women empowerment in Pakistan.

The UK’s support to the Pakistan Government’s work on education will help benefit over 4.6 million girls in primary and secondary schools – enabling them to stay longer and learn better at schools. The support has helped in training more than 51,000 women in job-related skills working under the Punjab Skills Development Fund and has helped more than 965,000 poor women access microfinance. It has also helped 1.61 million women to receive monthly cash transfers under the Pakistan government’s cash transfer programme – the Benazir Income Support Programme.

He also added that the Chevening scholarship programme offers an opportunity for the future female leaders of Pakistan not only to set successful examples of women empowerment in Pakistan but also act as agents of change for Pakistan’s pathway to women autonomy.

In the last three years, Pakistani women have brought home the Nobel Peace Prize, an Emmy and two Oscars. Pakistan also has the honour of being the first Muslim nation to have a female Prime Minister.

By investing in women and girls, countries can accelerate their social, economic and political development. Jennifer Cole ended of his speech with a hope that Pakistan will continue to encourage the involvement of women in all aspects of society like the UK is committed to support the people and the Government of Pakistan.