Welsh Girl Rocks in India

Nesdi Jones

The Bhangra star from North Wales breaking cultural barriers… . reports Asian Lite

Unique singer Nesdi Jones leads a double life – one is perfectly ordinary while the other takes her to the other end of the world. In the programme Seren Bhangra: Nesdi Jones onTuesday, 29 March, the singer’s journey over the past three years and her success as a pop star in India is portrayed on S4C. The program will be available to watch internationally. Punjabi subtitles can be accessed when watching on the S4C website.

Nest Aneurin Jones lives with her parents in Cricieth, Gwynedd and works part time as a waitress in a local restaurant. She spends the rest of her time living the life of a pop star in India, singing in Hindi, Punjabi and English and has reached number one in the music charts in India, Nigeria, Canada and beyond.

“When I was 15, I never would have imagined travelling to India or singing in Hindi and Punjabi. When I moved out to India at 17 to work at a local school, I fell in love with the place and the music,” says Nesdi, who is now 23.

“It was rapper and producer Yo Yo Honey Singh from India who discovered me on YouTube, after I uploaded a video of me singing one of his songs. He is very well-known in India. I’m a white girl and come from a completely different cultural background but I sing in Punjabi and Hindi. This is an advantage in some ways. It’s also an opportunity for me to showcase Bhangra music to the people of Wales,” says Nesdi.

Nesdi has not only been awarded Best Newcomer at the British Bhangra Awards 2014, she has also reached number one more than once in the Official Asian Download Chart.

In the programme Seren Bhangra: Nesdi Jones , S4C follows her journey to India to promote her brand new single which will be her first Punjabi only track and visit the school where she was once a teacher. Nesdi will be recording a music video for her single, performing in a club in Delhi and appearing on television in an interview in Hindi.

“Nesdi is unique. She’s a white girl singing Punjabi music – and that is very rare,” says Atik Rahamn, who produced Nesdi’s latest single. “When you listen to her music, her voice really stands out and this new single is a very exciting project. The fact that someone who doesn’t speak Punjabi is singing a whole song in Punjabi really adds to the whole thing.”