Zac Goldsmith visits Gurdwara in Southall


Conservative Party Mayoral candidate, Zac Goldsmith, visits the Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Southall. He partakes in traditions and puts forward his agendas to the locals. . . . reports Subhadrika Sen 

Zac Goldsmith who is running for the Mayoral elections in London paid a visit to the Southall Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha. He addressed the people present in the Gurdwara and also met the local community leaders. He was presented the Traditional rumal (handkerchief) by the Gurdwara comittee.

Goldsmith took this opportunity to discuss some relevant themes to promote his election campaign. He spoke of the diverse culture which dwells in London. Cosmopolitan by nature, London has more diversity than seen anywhere. It is with respect to this diversity that he spoke, that it was the duty of the administration to protect and preserve such diversity in any land. To quote him,

One of the reasons London is the greatest city on earth is because of its diversity, different groups within London get along with each other and I think that’s something precious, something the next Mayor of London needs to do everything they can to protect.

He further stated that self less love, devotion, kindness to everyone, honesty and hard work are virtues that helps in the growth of London as a city.

He expressed his opinions against the Heathrow Airport expansion by stating that such an expansion would add to the already polluted environment of London. In fact,as many as hundreds die every year due to pollution and its after effects; expanding the airport would only add to the death toll.

On the question of neighbourhood security, he explained that the campaign against police budget cuts was successfully combatted with and that local security has become more effective and vigilant.

Lastly, Goldsmith divulged his plans for the city and its people. He has two main motives- to build new homes for the people. To proceed with this, legally land needs to be claimed and this can be done with the support of the people. Furthermore, he dreams of expansions in the transport system .

This conservative party candidate further stated that –

Sadiq Khan would be Jeremy Corbyn’s man in London and we simply cannot afford a four year Corbyn-Khan experiment with our great city.

Thus, Goldsmith has well utilised his time and visit to put forward his agendas to the people and gain their respect.