Intl. Women’s Day: Our Day, Our Views


International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on the 8th of March. It is a date and a day to make every girl feel special and to uphold the various causes relating to women in society. Subhadrika Sen talks to some women and men to highlight the significance of this day amongst people.


International Women’s Day is a day designated to celebrate womanhood. It is a day where every girl, lady or woman is made to feel special about their existence in the society. Women’s Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of March to mark the advancement of women in the society and also to bring out certain women related social issues in the society. Women’s day has become a date designated to create a platform for women to speak out their heart to the world. Social Media advancement has supported women to push forward their causes and gain aid and support from the society. Women’s Day is seen as a great opportunity to create women centric events and discuss the reduction of social evils against them. This year it includes the #PledgeForParity campaign at large , followed by gender equality and feminist agendas. Many well known celebrities like Emma Watson, is a proud feminist . In fact according to her, Women’s Issues and Feminism are as much a concern for men as it is for the women of the society.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, here is a glimpse of what people think about the significance of this day in their lives.

12654584_10209282728212253_6180593935739868932_nNitika Nayar , Student, Loreto College, Kolkata 

International women’s day isn’t about getting free gift cards at a salon or a spa. It’s about celebrating all those women who struggled for the equal rights we enjoy today.

Mrs Preeti Roychoudhury Photo By: Soumyodeep Mukherjee
Photo By: Soumyodeep Mukherjee

 Preeti RoyChowdhury, Teacher, Loreto House , Kolkata  

You don’t need to be ‘man’ enough to be or understand a woman, you just need to be ‘human’ enough.


Photo By: Arpit Rungta
Photo By: Arpit Rungta

Garima Jhawar , Kolkata 

Woman : a word that conjures lots of images in our minds and brings out varied emotions like  selfless love, nurturing and caring attitude. A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. Understanding a  woman is a mystery and it needs a lot of perseverance and knowledge. A woman is the epitome of love, sacrifice , care and ability to nurture life.

Photo By: Adeeba Firdaus
Photo By: Adeeba Firdaus

Shumaila Taher, Blogger, (

It helps women realize their potential and embrace who they truly are regardless of the roles they’re forced to play.


garimasharmaGarima Sharma , ADS Internet Marketing 

International Women’s Day is the celebration of all the sacrifices that women make, courage that they portray and love that they give out.


srcShruti Roy Choudhury, Intern at Sanlaap  

‘She’ makes the real difference.

salomeSalome Theodora, Beauty Advisor , Avon 

It is the one day where a woman can feel really proud to be a woman since she’s appreciated today. Also what makes it special is that it’s not restricted to mother’s only like Mother’s Day but to the whole female gender.

As said above, that Women’s Day is not only a day for the ladies but also for men to understand them and to respect them.

Photo By: Mohini Das
Photo By: Mohini Das

Pushpak Sen, Student , Ashutosh College

International Women’s Day to me, is celebrating that energy source without which we wouldn’t have existed.

However, there are many who do not find it fit to formally designate a date for celebrating womanhood. According to them, respect towards women should be upheld and celebrated all year long and not on a special day. Here is what some of them had to say about it.

65173_10151386007060522_235393285_nParoma Sengupta, Programe Officer, The Seagull Foundation For the Arts, Kolkata  

International Womens Day needs to be celebrated all year round. I don’t know if the true significance is felt by labelling one day as International Women’s Day. It would probably be more meaningful if women’s rights were internalised by all of us and upheld through the year, every year.

siddhikaSiddhika V LPathi, Christ College, Bangalore

I don’t really think women’s day is important. It just promotes benevolent sexism. What are you celebrating? Us having a different body than yours? Also you are just shamelessly wishing women’s day to people who are biologically female. What about what gender one identifies oneself with?

12360128_10208247317085666_6729728892858270526_nDeepta Roy Chakraverti, Author (Bhangarh to Bedlams)

8th March is just a date. I don’t need a date to know that every woman has a yogini’s strength within her.

Thus, International Women’s Day is truly significant to uphold the cause of women and womankind, but the celebration of woman hood exists every single day of the year.