Elizabeth: I’m very bossy


 by . Actress-filmmaker Elizabeth Banks, who will soon start shooting for “Charlie’s Angels” reboot, says she always wanted to be a director because of her bossy attitude…..reports Asian Lite News

“It’s (direction is) something I’ve always wanted to do. I directed plays in college. I’m very bossy, and I got to a point as an actor where I’d been on 65 or 70 sets,” Banks said.

“I always find video village. I’m that annoying actor. I never stayed in my trailer. Doing TV and film, it’s always been a learning experience.

“I love now — with a movie like ‘Charlie’s Angels’ — getting to do action and visual effects, and I loved on “Pitch Perfect” the huge challenge of making a movie musical. I mean, that’s no small feat. It’s a big job, and I like the constant challenge,” she added.