Students Stand By Jeremy Corbyn

Post Graduate Students at Manchester Metropolitan University

According to a survey, 9 out of 10 students support the Labour Party, showing their concern for the education sector and NHS…reports Alisha Inamdar

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Post Graduate Students at Manchester Metropolitan University

The United Kingdom has been witnessing a political turmoil, since the general elections have taken place. The country is currently is going through a hung parliament, where no political party has managed to secure 326 seats out of 650, to form a government. A tough fight could be seen between the Conservative Party and Labour Party, with the Tories at 318 seats-down 13 and the Labour Party at 267 with a gain of 35.

The main focus of the elections this time is the economy, jobs, education and NHS. Since the highlighted issues included the NHS and education, we conducted a survey to find out the views and opinions of university students who are entitled to vote. According to the survey, nine out of 10 students which is approximately 90%, have shown their support towards the Labour Party. The party’s manifesto had a deep focus on the University tuition fee and the development of NHS, which has likely attracted its votes from the students.

It was strange that not even one out of the 10 showed support in favour of the Tory. The one of the 10 student’s support was in favour of Tim Farron, Liberal Democrat. David, a student at Manchester Metropolitan University said,” I go with the Lib Dems.  I am against Brexit. I don’t like how far the Tories cut have gone and how far they have targeted the less well off. Lib Dems are the central in both and for now the main problems are Brexit and the NHS falling apart”.

Student’s support for the Labour Party clearly shows their concern for the NHS, education sector and the homelessness crisis. Laura Halliwell, a masters student of the university said,”I’m voting for Labour. They stand for the majority of the people of this country and they want to make a difference. Their views on the NHS, foreign policy, immigration, student debt and the economy align with my views. Whilst I may not be Jeremy Corbyn’s biggest supporter, I stand with the Labour Party as they will protect services this country needs and they will make changes that will make Britain a better place to live for everyone.”

LONDON, June 8, 2017 (Xinhua) -- Leader of Britain's main opposition Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn gestures in front of a polling station in London, Britain on June 8, 2017. (Xinhua/Richard Washbrooke/IANS) (lrz) by .
Leader of Britain’s main opposition Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn gestures in front of a polling station in London, Britain (Xinhua/Richard Washbrooke/IANS) (lrz)

According to the statistics, there has been a rise in votes from the young crowd towards the Labour Party. From 2005 to 2017, the Labour Party has managed to get a rise of votes from 23% to 55%. There were several students who believed in the Jeremy Corbyn’s values to make Britain great again. Mike, Msc. Electronics Engineering student said,”I support the Labour Party because the conservatives are very corrupt and Jeremy Corbyn actually believes in what he’s saying”.  Throwing light on values more than unfulfilled promises, Aisha Khatun Ali, a social work student said that she is in favour of Corbyn, as she agrees with his set of values, than promises being made by the Tories.

Due to Corbyn’s dedication towards the abolition of tuition fee, there has been a drastic increase in the support from the younger generation. He has neatly encouraged people to take part in the elections and politics. Ryan Geraghty, multimedia journalism student stated that, “ well I support the Labour Party. I’m a paying member and have been for about 2 years. I think it’s very exciting the way Jeremy Corbyn has changed the party back to a more left leaning one and how that has inspired a lot of young people to become passionate about politics. I think they, like myself finally see a candidate and a manifesto which really represents my views.”

Sofia Aboudari, a university student said that she is a leftist, and thus supports the Labour party. Showing a ray of hope and victory to Jeremy Corbyn’s party, Joe a masters students said,”Labour!  Because they will save the NHS, education system, rise minimum wage, rethink foreign policy to reduce the risk of terrorism, increase budget for security. I also feel that Jeremy Corbyn will negotiate a good deal with the European Union and Theresa May.”

Jeremy Corbyn’s strong essence of values have inspired and created a sense of trust in the students. Tim, an engineering student stated that he supports Labour and believed that the party will reduce the inequality in the society. Callum Mannion, a post graduate student of the university shares the same opinion and said that Labour Party is the only party which appeals to him the most.

Setting a strong point of education sector and facilities, Kate Campbell said,”I support labour purely because I agree with the view they have on education and the accessibility they seem to bring to education to everyone”.

Since, students have already made their minds to support Jeremy Corbyn; the factors which have inspired them to do so are his strong values. According to the survey conducted, Majority of the students concern were the student debt and abolition of tuition fee, followed by the concern of NHS falling apart. Students also believe that in Corbyn’s Britain, there will be lesser space for inequality in the society. The Labour Party leader has been successful in showing the hope for the better future to the young people.