Fallon and Dwayne go undercover


 by . Host Jimmy Fallon and actor Dwayne ‘The Rock Johnson went undercover at Universal Studios in Orlando…..reports Asian Lite News

“The Tonight Show” host opened his new ride “Race Through New York” this week. To commemorate the special occasion, Fallon and Johnson did a special “Race Through Universal Studios” segment.

They dressed up like mascot versions of themselves and greeted fans at the theme park.

First they competed to see who could get the most high fives, selfies, and hugs, which Fallon won. Then they decided to surprise some park-goers.

Jumping out from behind the curtain as families took posed portraits, the two then took off their mascot heads to give the fans the shock.

“Oh my goodness! You’re the sexiest man alive,” one woman gushed to The Rock.

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