Lively: I don’t look at movies by the budget


 by . Actress Blake Lively says she considers a project only by looking at her role in it rather than its budget…..reports Asian Lite News

“I don’t look at movies by the budget. I look at movies by the character. What was neat about ‘The Shallows’, it was really low budget. It was a $17 million movie and we did over $120 million worldwide,” Lively said.

“It’s cool to do that with a story about a woman. It’s (a) proof (that) people want to see movies about women. It doesn’t (mean that) all have to be Nicholas Sparks-type films. When you look at the ‘Star Wars’ franchise now versus the ‘Star Wars’ franchise then, there are women at the centre,” she added.

Lively said that she is not ready to be a part of “The Shallows” sequel.

“I don’t know what would happen. I hope not; I’m not ready to go work out like that again. I’m about to do a movie in a couple months where I’m playing a woman who is a fighter,” she said.

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