Brits on diet to improve their health


A survey conducted by Spoon Guru reveals over ¼ of Brits diet to improve their health….reports Asian Lite News

Brits are regularly criticised for eating too much sugar and their expanding waistlines. However, a new study of 1,400 British consumers by the smart food search & discovery engine, Spoon Guru, has revealed a change in attitude towards why we diet. With 54% of the UK population on a diet in 2016, as you expect many (38% to be exact) were dieting to shift the pounds, however a staggering 27% of those dieting did so for health and medical reasons.

This shift to health focused eating sees the public concerned by medical conditions as well as their energy levels and tiredness and aim to rectify problems with diet change. Specifically, 14% of those asked stated tiredness and wanting to improve energy levels as the catalyst to their diet change and it’s not just health that is taking centre stage. Wellbeing and beauty seem just as important with 10% of participants wanting to improve hair, skin or bone condition by improving their food choices.

The study also looked into why people struggle to stick to their specific diets and unsurprisingly time, money and boring choices topped the list as to why people fall of the wagon. Twenty percent of people stated that food preparation, and cooking lengthy recipes were the prime reason they struggled to stick to their diets.

Spoon Guru Registered Associate Nutritionist Alexis Poole (ANutr) comments on the findings: “Most people at some stage in their life have tried out a ‘faddy’ diet as a quick fix to try and lose those extra pounds. This traditionally has been all about restriction of calories or of certain food groups. But a diet is much more than just eating to lose weight. It’s great to see from our results that the UK is embracing making better food decisions to help their specific needs. Whether that is to feel less tired, look after muscle and bones, or improve cardiovascular health. What is important now is that we find ways to make our diets easier. Use tools such as the Spoon Guru app can help make food & nutrition more fun, finding a variety of tasty choices quickly and that are simple make”.

Spoon Guru saw a bumper month in January (the traditional health kick month) with a 35% rise in downloads. To continue this success and meet the demand from the public for health-related diets, Spoon Guru will be adding three new diets – The FODMAP diet, the six-food exclusion diet and the yeast exclusion diet are now all live on the app on 25th January.