Luxury Aficionados Turn Into Alchemists

Ashish N Soni, Vinod Nair, Bottom -Sussane Khan, Sunil Sethi and Kalyani Chawla at Chivas Alchemy - Crafted for the Senses

An evening full of fun, frolic and anticipation of what lay ahead was seen here as five luxury aficionados collaborated together to play host to Capital’s discerning elite at a multi-sensorial experience — from exhilarating smells to a decked up bar — that enthralled all attendees….writes Saket Suman

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Ashish N Soni, Vinod Nair, Bottom -Sussane Khan, Sunil Sethi and Kalyani Chawla at Chivas Alchemy – Crafted for the Senses

Chivas 18 Alchemy on Saturday evening was a saga of modern artistic opulence laced with panache and crafted for the senses by five virtuosos — renowned Designer Ashish N Soni, Entrepreneur Kalyani Chawla, Fashion and Lifestyle connoisseur Sunil Sethi, Curator and Interior designer Sussanne Khan and Fashion and Luxury writer Vinod Nair – each of whom curated an unparalleled expression of craftsmanship inspired by Chivas 18.

Kalyani Chawla deconstructed the 85 flavours of Chivas 18 into an aesthetic feast, creating impactful imagery through edibles! Amid and around the decadent whisky dinner the visual art depicted the essence of Scottish heritage in opulent luxury. “The visual opulence also extended with the decanters and tumblers, capturing the Scottish heritage of Chivas 18 and the sea routes it took, as it became popular across the world, ” said Chawla.

Sunil Sethi was the curator of the sense of taste and he unveiled a warm, inviting setting to enjoy Chivas in its different guises. His split-level bar, accented by a combination of wood and directional metal panels, speaks of peat’s structure and the varying layers of taste found in each amber whisky drop.

“Flavours can leave you with most distinct memories which linger for years to come, and therefore I collaborated with Chivas 18 Alchemy to create the bar. The structure, layering and the grandeur of the space has been inspired by the warm and inviting hospitality that Chivas 18 is known for. Tonight was the firsts of the scintillating sensorial experiences and I’m humbled to be working with these four mavericks,” Sethi said.

Creator of inner spaces Sussanne Khan, decoding the sense of touch, said: “When like-minded energies come together, there’s a creative alchemy. As an Alchemist for Chivas 18, I have curated a space inspired by the emotions, ideas and curiosity evoked by the blend. Chivas 18 Alchemy is an incredible and unique concept conjured for the pleasure of each of the 5 senses and with this, the brand is carving out a niche for magnificent and fine taste.”

Showcasing how sense of smell is essential to blending a fine whisky, Ashish N Soni, the alchemist for the sense of smell, explored perfume blending to create three fragrances inspired by 85 notes of Chivas 18.

Vinod Nair, presented the sense of sound, curated the ‘Tale of Handcrafted Luxe’ – a bespoke wall of the luxurious firsts and the uniques, narrating stories of extravagance.

But isn’t it rare for a leading brand as Chivas 18 to focus on craftsmanship when there are simpler ways of promotion? More so, what was the inspiration behind the evening?

“The inspiration behind Chivas 18 Alchemy is the rich and multi-layered Ultra- Premium scotch Chivas 18 which rewards the senses with its 85 unique flavor notes in every drop. Our Alchemists are eminent personalities who have excelled in their craft and have a flair for everything luxurious and definitive,” said Raja Banerji, Assistant Vice President at Pernod Ricard India, one of the world’s leading wines and spirits companies.

“Curated by the brand and the Alchemists, the platform is bringing to life the exceptional and bespoke experiences of Chivas 18 that exemplify exclusivity and luxury,” he added.

The event carved out a unique space standing for luxury and all things fine, conveying its novelty through gentle magnificence and subdued grandeur. The five Alchemists also co-curated canapes with the hotel chef and bespoke cocktails for each of their senses.

The evening was hosted at The Leela Palace Hotel in Chanakyapuri.