Jewel accessories for vacation packages

(160714) -- YANGON, July 14, 2016 (Xinhua) -- A customer chooses gold bracelets at a gold jewellery shop in Yangon, Myanmar, July 14, 2016. Local gold prices in Myanmar rose by about 85 U.S. dollars per tical (0.01633 kg) on Tuesday as compared with the prices before Brexit, according to local gold traders Wednesday. (Xinhua/U Aung) ****Authorized by ytfs****

Experts say that, when it comes to packing accessories for vacation, minimalism is the key with a pop of colour….reports Asian Lite News

A customer chooses gold bracelets.

Sreenivas Reddy, Principal Designer at, and Pallavi Foley, a jewellery designer, list down a few ideas for the type of jewellery one can carry for adventurous treks, spontaneous trips and romantic getaways:

* Lightweight jewellery: Minimalist pendants and earrings are vacation essentials for any destination. Small teardrop earrings with semi-precious stones can be paired with any outfit, from sundresses to jumpers. Keeping it simple and elegant on vacation is the key to a stress free and fun-filled holiday.

* Cuffs over bracelets: Choose cuffs over bracelets this summer as they are easier to pack and less likely to tangle, fall off or snap. An elegant cuff in a contemporary design makes for a perfect fuss-free style statement. Team up a cuff with khaki shorts and a cool tee shirt and you are ready for anything, from walk on the beach to a safari.

* Colourful jewellery: Pieces with colourful gemstones such as tourmalines make for very versatile vacation essentials, since they can be paired with almost anything. Jewellery pieces with aquamarines are also a valuable addition, especially to your whites. Classic colourful stud earrings are a must have for a sojourn to the hills.

* Don’t go all chunky: Chunky jewellery is a burden to carry on vacation. One does not want to worry about managing that chunky necklace or huge earrings. Instead opt for a thin gold or platinum chain with an elegant pendant teamed with stacked rings.

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