Dubai Investments Meets UN Goals


Dubai Investments, the leading, diversified investments conglomerate listed on the Dubai Financial Market, has hosted the second round of the training session for ‘Sustainability Champions’ of the company and its subsidiaries….reports Asian Lite News

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Dubai Investments’ training for ‘sustainability champions’

Held under the theme ‘For a Better Partnership within the Dubai Investments Family’, the session focused on the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, outlined by the United Nations in its Agenda, which is being adopted by countries globally, especially in the UAE.

The Sustainable Development Goals 2030 agenda is being implemented by governmental bodies and several public and private sector departments, as well as by humanitarian, environmental and social NGOs.

Statistics, reports, films and a variety of models for international companies were presented to explain the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which range from poverty eradication, hunger, clean drinking water, health care and education for all, to decent work, economic growth and innovation, reducing inequality, preserving environment, reducing climate damage and partnerships.

‘Sustainability Champions’ at Dubai Investments actively participated in a range of practical tests that contributed to developing concepts for furthering the Sustainable Development Goals, implementing them internally, and improving corporate responsibility among the employees. The participants discussed the role of private sector, and companies specifically, in studying and selecting objectives aligned with nature of each company’s business and sustainability strategies.

According to a press statement, a total of 15 ‘Sustainability Champions’ took part in the session, including employees from Dubai Investments, Dubai Investments Park, Dubai Investments Industries, Masharie, Dubai Investments Real Estate Company, Emicool, Emirates Glass, Emirates Float Glass, Lumiglass Industries, Al Mal Capital, Al Taif Investment, Dubai Cranes and Emirates Extruded Polystyrene.

As part of its sustainability strategy, Dubai Investments deals with environmental and social issues in a highly responsible manner, including supporting Dubai’s Smart Vision, producing clean energy, reducing carbon emissions, ensuring the safety of its employees, and encouraging volunteerism, generosity and community services across its projects in Dubai and the UAE in general.

Dubai Investments and its subsidiaries are also eager to play proactive role in furthering the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030, the UAE’s Vision 2021 and launching volunteer programmes and social partnerships with the community to support the UAE’s #Year of Giving.


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