Child Prodigy Introduces Eco-Friendly Dandiyas


Taksheel Buddhadeo, an expert in Vocal, Tabla and Synthesiser and givesseveral full house performances in India is using his talent to conserve environment and for the betterment of country….A special report by Ragasudha Vinjamuri of Asian Lite News

Taksheel with President of India

At a tender age of 8, he becomes the recipient of prestigious ‘National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement’ (in Indian Classical music) presented by the President of India Pranab Mukherjee in 2014. He set a new national record in India Book of Records and World Records India for most number (100+)of programs on All India Radio at the age of 7. He also receives‘Bal Pratibha’ award for social service and music conferred by Shri Lohana Maha Parishad. A student of Amity International School, Taksheel Buddhadeo has given more than 200 programs on All India Radio so far,and has also performed Indian Classical to Western Fusion.

Taksheel has presented “Bhakti Sangeet” in Sarvadharma Prarthna Sabha at Sabarmati Ashram in January 2015 as the Prime Minister of Bhutan Tshering Tobgay visited the venue.

This little green warrior is invited to conduct two notable workshops on Energy Conservation and Organic Farming and eco-friendly way of festival celebration in 2012-2013 at state level at Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park, Gurgaon. He encourages people to grow more trees, use non-renewable source of energy, use eco-friendly products, and live in an organic way.As a child ambassador, he initiated Bal Swacchta Shapath- mass pledge to conserve environment by more than 10, 000 children. He is dubbedsmall wonder and a social crusader for his active contribution to societythrough singing and oratory skills.

A casual walk in a near-by parkmade him discover an innovative idea that tree waste (pods) from Cassia trees (also known as golden shower cassia or aragvadha vriksha in Sanskrit) can be used as Dandiya sticks, achieving a double objective of both cleanliness of the environment  as well as tree conservation.He has already distributed free dandiyas from the cassia trees to hundreds of children so far, by collecting them from several parks.

Speaking to Asian Lite on environmental contribution, Taksheel says “If this idea is adapted widely, poor people can have a means of living from tree waste, trees can be saved from cutting, environment can be kept clean by picking up the cast off pods, and we can promote eco-friendly means of celebrating festivals. These Dandiyas are very nice in sound and easy to handle. We can use them for 3-4 years before they wear out”.

The youngest conservationist, who is appreciated even by the United Nations Environment Program, has plans to spread awareness to conserve environment far and wide globally.

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