Crime Still on the Rise in Greater Manchester 


As crime continues to rise, Greater Manchester’s Mayor and Police and Crime Commissioner has accused the government of abandoning local communities….reports Asian Lite News

Speaking as Home Office figures, published today, show a six per cent increase in recorded crime for the 12 months to September 2016, Tony Lloyd said:

“Ministers claim that crime is falling to justify their continued failure to properly fund policing, but that simply isn’t true – both in Greater Manchester and across the country. As crime rises, government still refuses to safeguard policing budgets.

“This year Greater Manchester Police is facing a £22m shortfall, against a backdrop of increasing demand and more complex investigations. That’s on top of £180m already cut from the budget and 2,000 fewer officers. What message does this send to our communities? Local people have been abandoned by a government that has a duty to keep us and our families safe and secure.”

Violent crime, robbery and criminal damage have seen the biggest rise, with slight increases of burglary, vehicle offences, and theft reports. Figures for the last quarter of 2016, not included in this Home Office publication, show this trend continuing, with 216,493 reported crimes – an increase of 18,907. The Office of National Statistics’ new ‘crime severity score’ has also rated GMP second in the UK for serious violent and sexual offences. Nationally, recorded crime has gone up by nine per cent, with other areas of the country facing increases, including West Midlands and South Yorkshire.

“Greater Manchester is a very challenging area to police – and we are not alone. We need the resources and investment to be able to meet these challenges head on,” adds Tony. “I’ve been left with no choice but to ask local people to contribute a bit more, but it’s not enough, and quite frankly, it is not the responsibility of the hard-working residents of Greater Manchester to prop up their police service.”

Greater Manchester residents have until Friday 20 January to have their say on Tony’s proposal to increase the policing element of the council tax by £5 a year. Have your say at


Recorded crime statistics for rolling 12 months ending September 2016, (according to the Office of National Statistics):                                       

All crime – 204,536   – 6% increase
Sexual offences – 5,945– 6% increase
Violent crime – 53,776 –13% increase
Shoplifting – 16,845 – 1% increase
Vehicle offences – 23,806 – 3% increase
Theft – 106,093 – 1% increase
Robbery – 3,809 – 9% increase
Burglary – 28,223 – 1% increase
Criminal damage and arson – 34,913 – 8% increase
Drug offences – 4,376 – 23% decrease