Fallon: No Need For Second Scotland Referendum

British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon

British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said there was no need for a second independence referendum in Scotland….reports Asian Lite News

British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon

“We don’t see any need for a second referendum in Scotland,” Fallon said at a joint news briefing in Rome with Italian Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti.

“The Scottish government should get on with what it was elected to do which is to improve school standards in Scotland, to tackle the problems of the Scottish health service, and above all to revive the Scottish economy where unemployment is now rising.”

“Those are the priorities for Scotland, not a second referendum,” Fallon said.

After Britain’s referendum to exit the European Union last June, First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said a second referendum on Scottish independence could be held in the future.

A referendum on Scottish independence was previously held in September 2014, in which 55.3 per cent voted against the plan to separate.