Final Call to Register to Vote for Mayoral Elections

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid MP

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid urges people to participate in the regional rejuvenation through participating the electoral process. May 13th Midnight is the last chance for people to register to vote….reports Asian Lite News

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid MP

As six regions in the country heading for Mayoral elections, Communities Secretary Sajid Javid urges unregistered eligible voters to register their name in the electoral roll. Besides West Midlands, other areas with elections for a Combined Authority Mayor on 4 May are: Liverpool City Region, West of England, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, Greater Manchester and Tees Valley.


The election of the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority mayor was postponed following a legal action.

Regarding the election at West Midlands, Mr Javid said the mayoral elections in May give the region an opportunity to reclaim its industrial heritage.

“As the birthplace of the industrial revolution, the West Midlands is already home to some of the country’s leading manufacturing and engineering companies,” said Mr Javid.

Boris Johnson with David Cameron visiting a car factory (File)

The Government is gearing up to hand over power to create jobs, build homes and improve transport to a new Mayor for the West Midlands. Mr Javid said now is the time to build on the region’s legacy and ensure the West Midlands is at the forefront of industry. This move builds on the Government’s modern Industrial Strategy. This includes the offer of additional support for industries through sector deals to drive the region’s potential for growth.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid said: “The West Midlands has a proud history of leading the way in industry and innovation, and it’s the right time to capitalise on this legacy.

“Our Midlands Engine Strategy, backed by £392 million investment, is the first step. But we can’t simply dictate how the West Midlands can boost industry from London.

“That’s why I want voters to have their say on 4 May and vote for a new directly-elected mayor. With the power to create jobs, improve skills and drive economic growth, this new mayor can help the region reclaim its great industrial heritage.”

Martin Reeves, interim chief executive of the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), said: “The Mayor will play a leading role in overseeing the on-going transfer of powers from Westminster to the West Midlands.

“This will see more key decisions made locally by people who know the area best – decisions that can bring more jobs, more homes and better transport for everyone.

“The Mayor will also have an important ambassadorial role, helping us reach out to the rest of the world to establish new trade links and attract inward investment.

“I believe that with further devolution and the Mayor serving as chair of the combined authority, we can successfully build on the Government’s Industrial Strategy and deliver our own ambitious targets for economic growth so that the West Midlands makes a major contribution towards a successful and rebalanced post-Brexit Britain.

“That’s why it’s important that anyone who wants to have a say in shaping a more prosperous future for the West Midlands should turn out on May 4 and cast their vote in what I believe will be an historic election.”

The West Midlands is one of six areas set to benefit from decisions that have previously been made in Westminster being made in the areas they affect most. The new Mayor will work across the region to provide a louder voice for local people. They will act as an ambassador bringing together businesses, public service providers and communities to improve the productivity and prosperity of the area.

This will also include improvements to transport links for an area that built the first steam engines, powering the industrial revolution, to now become the heart of England’s high speed rail network with the creation of the HS2. By helping communities take control of decisions that matter to them, the Combined Authority Mayor will make decisions over skills, transport and planning to drive local growth, while accountable to the people they serve.

The West Midlands Combined Authority, working with the Mayor, will have the following powers devolved to it:
• control of a new £36.5 million a year funding allocation over 30 years;
• supporting more young people to gain the skills required to progress into work;
• control of local roads and transport investment, with new bus franchising powers;
• lobby on behalf of their area, on the issues that matter to local people not only in Westminster, but on the world stage;
• work with local business leaders to achieve what’s best for local jobs and the economy;
• capitalise on local strengths and assets like our universities, scientific research and innovation; and
• supporting growth sectors of the economy to generate more jobs.


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