Lib Dem Leader Farron Quits

Mr Tim Farron, the new leader of the Liberal Democrats

In a mjaor development after the UK polls ended in a hung parliament, Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron announced that he was quitting as the party showed some promise in the recent election….reports Asian Lite News

Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron

Farron took over what is considered the third party in British politics after his predecessor, Nick Clegg stood down in 2015, Xinhua news agency reported.

Clegg had been Deputy Prime Minister in the coalition government under Conservative David Cameron. But the party lost around 50 seats in the Commons in 2015, leaving just eight Liberal Democrat MPs.

In a statement announcing his decision, Farron said he was torn between living as a faithful Christian and serving as a political leader.

During the election campaign he faced tough questions over his attitude over gay rights, particularly same sex marriages.

Farron said he should have dealt more wisely with questions relating to his faith during the election campaign, including his views on gay sex.

Farron said he had taken the decision voluntarily and he retained the support of the Lib Dem party.