May Urged to Uphold British Values

Virendra Sharma MP talking to Kanwal Toor of Asian Lite (File)

Southall MP Virendra Sharma says Prime Minister Theresa May should be standing up for British values on the world stage….reports Asian Lite News

Virendra Sharma MP talking to Kanwal Toor of Asian Lite (File)

Virendra Sharma, MP from Ealing, Southall wrote to Prime Minister Theresa May to urge her to take action against President Trump.

“I want to raise with you in the strongest possible terms the deafening silence of you as Prime Minister and the whole of Her Majesty’s Government on President Trump’s immoral, racist and truly un-American immigration policy,” Mr Sharma wrote.

“While I understand the need to remain on good terms with the American President I do not think it does our reputation around the globe any good to be seen as silent accomplices. I know there has been some clarification from the Government on British citizens visiting the US, but any blanket travel ban is a shameful.

“I hope that you will use your greatly visible position on the world stage to emphatically renounce the newest round of offensive behaviour by President Trump.”

“The actions that President Trump has taken are the actions of a dictator, he is not behaving as a responsible world leader. His actions are racist and threaten the American ideals of liberty, opportunity and equality.”