Sharma Refuses to Go Corbyn Way on Article 50

Virendra Sharma MP

The senior British Asian politician Virensdra Sharma says ‘he will not vote to trigger Article 50 without a real plan for the future’….reports Asian Lite News

Virendra Sharma MP

Virendra Sharma MP says he will not vote in favour of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s three line whip to support Prime Minister Theresa May’s move to trigger Article 50 because it will threaten people’s jobs, wages and pensions.

The veteran politician says British economy is fragile after the Brexit vote.

“Next week Parliament will be asked to vote on triggering Article 50, beginning the formal process of withdrawal from the European Union,” Sharma told Asian Lite News. “While I did not support leaving the EU, the referendum was a democratic exercise and I believe the results should be respected. I do not believe we should ignore the voices of those people that did vote to leave the EU, but my constituency overwhelmingly voted to remain.

“Our economy is fragile, especially our international exchange rates, since the decision to leave the EU. I am concerned by the lack of planning by the Government for what has happened in the previous sixth months and worry that we face threats the Government is ill prepared to face.

“Membership of European Union includes affiliation with a number of important coordinating bodies that increase British influence, streamline administration and make doing business easier across the continent.

“I will not vote for a Brexit blank cheque. I consider continued cooperation with the ‘European Medicines Agency’, the ‘European Aviation Safety Agency’ and the ‘European Police Office’ (Europol) essential to British prosperity and security.

“I cannot in good conscience vote to trigger Article 50 while it will threaten people’s jobs, wages and pensions. Access to the Single Market and a legal commitment to ensure the labour rights, health and safety protections, consumer rights, and environmental standards we currently enjoy are all key to my political beliefs. If we cannot get clarity on our relationship with crucial international institutions then I will not vote to trigger Article 50 without a real plan for the future”