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Inspiring Indian women


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Inspiring Indian women

4th February, 2017, It was a day of accomplishment truly for many Indian parents.  A day of satisfaction and smiling faces of moms, dads and little ones exuberating happiness, excitement, love, affection. The reason? It was all about India and for India.

Since Inspiring Indian Women embarked upon its journey to create a difference among the Indian families here in UK, one of the mission has always been to create little ‘India’ and promote Hindi language especially among the kids born here in UK. Thus started preparation for celebrating ‘India’ with lots of support from Geeta Sharma founder of, Richa Sharma, founder of Hindi Women in UK, and ShitalKamdar from Harrow group. The host of the evening was the vivacious Geeta Sharma.

The programme started with a dance on VandeMataram by Rashmi NarvekarSonurlikar.Nupur Agarwal spoke about the Republic Day along with a song on India and VinaShivnath set in the patriotic fervour with beautiful rendition of the famous LataMangeshkar song, Aye mere Vatanke logon. Members from Hindi women in UK-SuchitaAwasthiShukla,Richa Sharma, Minal Shah, Nupur Agarwal and Ekta sang the melodious, Dil Diya hain,Jaanbhidenge.

Little kids, between ages 5 and 7 from Nina Dance Academy performed a lovely dance on a medley of patriotic songs. Affectionate SaswathVenkatesh dressed as Army Jawan,sang, Aye Vatan Aye Vatan,  Cute little 3 and 4 year olds Kiana Sharma,JanhaviSinghaniahad the crowd drooling with – Nanhemunnebacheteri.., Suhaassabbella sang, we shall overcome, AdorableNeha Sabellagave a speech on India,Ishitaand Shreyasang VandeMataram, Master Rahul Manoj Kumar,Master NeevDhall and DvishaVadera beautifully sang the Indian National Anthem,Kavya JainBhavya Jain, Ashna Goyalmesmerised the audience with their dance onDeshRangeela, Tiny 4 year olds Oceana Sharmaand Jia Gupta impressed every one as Bharat Mata.VaishnaviRiteshkumar Patel stunned the audience with her classical solo performance on, ‘It happens only in India’.The audience were split into laughter when Shaurya Shukla came dressed up as Modi and said, Ache Din Aayenge.

The highlight of the show was a ten minutes of meditation by HEARTFULNESS which brought the entire packed hall to silence. Thanks a lot to the team with Martin, Mrs Paramjeet Gill, Kamleshjiand others for striking the right chord with the audience.

The special guests who graced the occasion were Respected MrTarun Kumar ji, Hindi Adhikari from the High Commission, Respected BharulataKamble and Dr SubodhKamble, Respected Ms Krishna Pujara , Respected Ms Varsha Mistry , Respected Shri Satya Minhas and Ms Meeta Joshi and MC Purnima Raval from Metropolitan police, Swati Desai and Shinal Patel from BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. Our volunteers Shalinijain (Prepared 50 small flags to decorate), PavithraSaptha Varna (She put up on display, clay miniatures of 29 sweets from 29 states of India), ShikhaGarg,ArtiArora, MinalShah,SuchitaAwasthi Shukla did a remarkable job by looking over arrangements and requirements of the completely packed Victoria hall, Harrow.

Purpose of the event was to simplyinstil patriotism and love for Hindi language. Chocolates’ and certificates distributed to the kids brought winning smiles on their faces. IIW tried to promote each and every women entrepreneur, who put up their stalls. Keeping Valentine’s day in mind, stalls put up catered to both His and Her, Marina Keeling (Forever), Kiran Anil from (Urban India). Mansi (Chocolates), DivyaVandra (T SHIRTS), Ajita (Shellac Nails). Neha She (Mouth freshners and Scarfs), BhumikaGoswami(Ethnic Stop Shop- clothes) Deepti Jain DJ creations, Neeru Manoj Pardeshi Aabhushan Bazaar, Seema (Jewellery), Rachna Gupta Vahitra (Purses),Chandni (Amway products), Mrs Paramjit Gill (Heartfulness), Shilpa Chaudhary (Henna Artist). Some women entrepreneurs who set up food stalls were Manvi Gupta from ‘Chutney Matinee’ ,Shipra Gomes with Chapatti wraps and Shilpa Moorthy with Momos.

Special mention of Roshni Patel who volunteered to take pictures for the programme and Respects to Mr Kamleshji from heart fullness who volunteered to stand with the Video camera tripod. Each and every member present had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  It left an indelible impression in the young minds who experienced ‘Little India’ in Harrow. This was the first time a programme like this by kids and exclusively in Hindi was organised.

Rashmi Mishra and RichaKalra, the co-founders of this group have been working hard to carry it forward in supporting women from all fields to grow professionally as well as personally. The group’s tagline, Lift! Support! Rise! is inspired by the Poet and Civil Rights activist Maya Angelou’s quote, ‘Try and be a Rainbow in someone’s cloud’.