UKIP Apes BNP to Win Votes


The UKIP is trying to justify their slot in British politics by turning their target to the Muslim Community. It rekindles the memories of the hey days of British Nationalist Party (BNP). UKIP, the party which was supported by businessman turned politician like Amjad Basheer lost its relevance after Brexit. The party leader’s pledge to ban burqa is pure form of racism….writes Mr. Mohammed Shafiq, Chief Executive of the Ramadhan Foundation:

“I want to take this opportunity to condemn and reject the racist policies of UKIP to ban the Burqa and Sharia Law.  Their proposal to ban Muslim women from choosing how to dress is an affront against liberal values in free societies and we in the British Muslim community will campaign against this stupid idea. 

The irony of Paul Nuttall and his cronies who mostly happen to be men telling Muslim women what they can wear and then claim they are fighting for equality.  UKIP’s anti Muslim agenda is embedded in its structures and we have seen the disgusting language used against our community in the past.  Paul Nuttall claims he wants to be taken seriously yet he is pandering to the far right and promoting racist policies.

U.S.-NEW YORK-PROTEST by . The rise of Islamaphobia and anti-Muslim hatred has led to an increase in physical, verbal, online attacks over the past few years.  I would hold the likes of Nigel Farage, Paul Nuttall, Gerald Batten, the EDL, Britain First responsible for the toxic atmosphere around British Muslims.

UKIP is facing huge losses across the country and is desperate for some oxygen; so they turn to their racist and prejudiced agenda to whip up the votes.  I would encourage all politicians and political parties to understand the offense of telling Muslim women what they can wear and then banning Islam from the UK.

UKIP have claimed they wish to ban Sharia Law, which for millions of Muslims is how we live our lives, engage with wider societies, how to pray, how to give charity and how to protect human life.  In reality they are seeking to ban Islam from this country.  Their real motive is no different from the BNP, EDL and the far right and it is time for the mainstream political parties to reject their dangerous rhetoric.

We British Muslims are sick of being used as a political football, we reject any attempt to ban our faith or place restrictions on our way of live.  Yes there are challenges around terrorism and extremism but do not use this to tarnish 3 million Muslims around the country.

I am urging the British media to take on the far right narrative in UKIP and expose their prejudices, nothing less than this will do.  The Ramadhan Foundation has never endorsed any political party and will never do, however we urge British Muslims to register to vote and hold local candidates responsible.

I hope on June 8th, we see the racism and anti-Muslim hatred of UKIP be rejected by voters and return to our values of tolerance, respect and freedom of religion.”

Home Secretary Theresa may and Sara Khan launch the #makingastand-British Muslim Women New Campaign Against ISIS
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