Yielders Launches Alternative Islamic Finance In UK

Islamic Financial Technology firm Yielders launches a Sharia compliant Property Investment platform

Islamic Financial Technology firm, Yielders, launches a Sharia compliant Property Investment platform that allows cash-based investments from as little as £100 –giving anyone the opportunity to get on the property ladder without the hassle of being a landlord or having the burden of a mortgage….reports Asian Lite News

Islamic Financial Technology firm Yielders launches a Sharia compliant Property Investment platform

Properties are already funded, without the need of an interest-based mortgage, and provide pre-defined rental incomes – which means investors have the potential to start earning returns almost immediately.

Irfan Khan, a founding director at Yielders, said:

“Yielders now look to revolutionise a segment in the market through their Sharia compliant offering and dispel myths that traditional Islamic Finance is uncompetitive.  Our crowdfunding service is definitely on par with its peers and we’re offering some of the best possible rates of return on the market.”

The firm hit another latest landmark this week as they became the first Islamic FinTech company to become directly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), making their ethical crowdfunding platform even more assured for investors.

This shows significant validation by the supervisory body of financial services in the UK, and strengthens the position of Yielders in pioneering Islamic FinTech and making it competitively available.

Yielders went through a vigorous process of due diligence with the FCA, who validated their business model, client money handling and financial promotions before awarding accreditation, which puts them in a special group of only five real-estate crowdfunding platforms to be directly authorised by the FCA.

The granting of full authorisation demonstrates to current and future investors that Yielders regulatory and operational infrastructure has met with the strictest and highest standards demanded by the globally recognised FCA.

“We set out to create a fully Sharia complaint and regulated business, and this announcement shows our commitment to a long-term strategy in providing an honest, competitive and inclusive opportunity for ethical and Islamic crowdfunding.”Irfan added.

The FCA authorisation also demonstrates that approved processes are in place to safeguard client assets and that funders can invest with confidence and securitythrough the regulated and factually correct information presented to them – resulting in Yielders becoming a more robust business model.

If you would like to know more about Yielders, or join the crowdfunding platform, please visit the Yielders website www.yielders.co.uk or contact The Yielders Teamby phone on 0207 205 4650 or email Team@yielders.co.uk.

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