When Will The Real Talaivar Speak Up?



In all his popular movies, he has arrived on time—not too early or too late. Before the villain spoils the plot completely, he breaks out on the scene, and the fans bring the roof down in cinemas…writes Sabin Iqbal

But in the past few days, people in Tamil Nadu have been looking for Rajinikanth, the real taiaivar, the man whose onscreen heroics have given him a Superman-like cult status. He has been keeping mum. When the southern state is in political flux, why is Rajini sir keeping quiet?

The other superstar, Kamal Hassan, has come out speaking in support of the ‘makeshift’ chief minister O Panneerselvam, whom the new general-secretary of the AIADMK, Sasikala aka Chinnamma, has asked to resign, paving the way for her ascension to power. After a few cryptic tweets, Kamal Hassan has expressed his support for OPS. In an interview, he has said: “A CM has been sworn in and he has not shown any signs of damage or incompetency. He has been good so far. We don’t know what’s coming to us.”

“You can’t keep dumping us with your indecisions. This is party’s indecision,” he said, in reference to the current t political turmoil.

The turnaround and defiance of the ‘bystander’ chief minister, OPS, who has been sworn-in and asked to make way for three times, has sent the state into a tailspin. especially after the governor has sought legal opinion regarding Sasikala becoming the chief minister.

The ruling party, AIADMK, which is smarting under the unexpected death of chief minister and party leader, J Jayalalithaa, is divided, and both Sasikala and OPS are claiming enough numbers.

Rajinikanth, who has earlier voiced his political intentions, and had a good rapport with Jayalalithaa and reportedly with AIADMK, can tilt the balance and popular support to whichever side he takes. And, that’s what the entire state is waiting for. When will the Talaivar speak up?