I don’t like Indian TV shows: Sanjay Mishra

Actor Sanjay Mishra. by .
Actor Sanjay Mishra.

Actor Sanjay Mishra, who had starred in the popular sitcom “Office Office” and now regularly features in Bollywood films, says he doesn’t miss working on a TV show as he isn’t a fan of the shows being aired now…writes Natalia Ningthoujam

Actor Sanjay Mishra. by .
Actor Sanjay Mishra.

Masala Bollywood films or critically-acclaimed ones — the alumnus of National School of Drama has tried them all. He has shown his versatility as an actor through his work in movies like “Golmaal Again”, “Newton”, “Masaan”, “Ankhon Dekhi” and “Kadvi Hawa”. But long before carving a niche for himself in Bollywood, he acted in “Office Office” with actor Pankaj Kapur.

“I don’t miss it because I don’t like Indian TV (shows). But working on ‘Office Office’ was really great. I don’t like Indian TV because there is a lot of seriousness in serials,” Sanjay told IANS in an email interview.

Apart from “Office Office”, he has acted in many comedy films like “Guest iin London” and his recent release “Bhaiaji Superhit”. Is comedy his favourite genre?

“No, acting is my favourite and not a particular genre. The adrenaline rush (I get) before the director says ‘action’ is my favourite. The excitement of being in front of the screen is my favourite,” he said.

He also enjoys acting in a film series like Rohit Shetty’s “Golmaal”. Asked if there will be “Golmaal 5”, he said he has “no idea” if it will be made or not.

“I have not been approached for it. One thing I like about acting in the series is that we go with the flow and carry it forward. So, it is little easier,” he said.

But playing a father’s role tires him.

“I’m tired of playing a father’s role like Alok Nath (popular as ‘sanskari babuji’). I don’t like to play the same stereotypical father’s role of a heroine or hero,” said Sanjay.

The senior actor will soon be seen playing actress Parineeti Chopra’s on-screen father in the upcoming comedy film “Jabariya Jodi”.

“The father that I’m playing in the film is a middle-class father. It has an entertainment factor as this movie is based on a middle-class family in a small town. My character is a bit comic, unlike a serious father. It is full of comedy, drama and fun,” he shared.

He has been part of films that are led by actors like Ajay Devgn, Govinda and Sunny Deol.

Heaping praise on them, he said: “They are experienced, so I get to learn many things from them while working with them and watching them.”

Does he ever feel like acting in a stand-alone big-budget film?

“I think whatever amount a producer invests in me… whether it is a huge amount or not, it is a big budget for me because if an artiste can do a stand-alone small-budget film and it goes well, then he can also carry a big-budget film in a good way,” he said.

And “Kaamyaab” is one of his upcoming films which will present him as one of the protagonists along with Deepak Dobriyal.

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