People need to stop taking things personally: Tanishaa

Tanishaa Mukerji (Twitter image)

Tanishaa Mukerji is showing her changed avatar on social media profile these days with photos flaunting her fit frame, but one such picture didn’t go down well with some social media users. The actress and soon-to-be-producer finds such comments funny as for her, trolls only reflect their “sad, depressed and negative” life…reports Asian Lite news

Mumbai: Actress Tanishaa Mukerji at the red carpet of fashion designer Manish Malhotra's haute couture show, in Mumbai on Aug 1, 2018. (Photo: IANS) by .
Actress Tanishaa Mukerji

The daughter of veteran actress Tanuja and sister of actress Kajol, suggests people to stop taking everything personally.

“I read and listen to all negative comments or say trolls on social media. I really find them funny and it makes me realize the mindset of these people. What’s the point of so much negative talk? Who has this much time or energy to do all of that? Why go online onto someone else’s account and slut-shame them or make them feel bad because you didn’t like the picture that has been put up which has nothing to do with you?

“I also believe people need to stop taking things personally as everybody is living their own lives and has nothing to do with them,” the actress told IANS in an e-mail interaction.

Defending the picture in question, Tanishaa said it was not “topless”. “In fact I am showing less than I would in a bikini.”

Tanishaa, who was seen in films like, “Sarkar”, “Sarkar Raj”, “Sssshhh…”, “Neal n Nikki”, “Tango Charlie”, “Popcorn Khao Mast Ho Jao”, and more, says that for centuries women have used their bodies to make a point.

“Back then, women from Bollywood have set a couple of examples. I remember the time when Pooja Bhatt had done a photo-shoot wherein they had covered her body with paint only, and everyone had applauded her guts to do something like this or the time when Pooja Bedi’s mom walked naked on the Linking Road streets for bringing women empowerment.

“Secondly, in society there is always going to be a section which is not going to approve of women showing their independence or showing their power or strength. And that kind of society unfortunately exists everywhere you think of.

“If I feel happy that I have reached a certain level of fitness and I want to show that in my picture, why should I be trolled for it? Guys show their fit bodies all the time,” she said.

Tanishaa feels that whenever a woman tries to speak up, there are always some people who try to suppress them.

“However, with the #MeToo movement, people are now voicing their opinion, women are gaining a voice and it is upto the media to support their voice. No section which is suppressed for too long will stay down. Eventually there will be an uprising, there will be change. Change is normal, change will come and it will always be good for society,” she said.

Having said that, she also points out that women are women’s worst enemy in India.

“Until that changes and women learn to support each other and empower each other and change that mindset — where we are still giving men more importance rather than giving it to ourselves and start loving each other for who we are — until then, there will be that section of society which has a restrictive mindset. One needs to open up to the world and support each other,” she said.

Does she see the #MeToo movement change the situation for the better?

“I really hope it brings out accountability to the people who have supposedly done what they have done or some form of justice that needs to come out.

“Until these women get justice if they are right, if they can find the truth, use the legal system to uncover what really is happening then yes, there needs to be some accountability, there needs to be some change. I hope there is more empowerment for women, especially in the movie industry, where this doesn’t happen,” said Tanishaa.

On the work front, the youngest from the Mukerji clan is busy with many projects.

“I have done a short film which is based on a social issue. It is very interesting. I’ve also worked on a soon-to-release film ‘Code Name Abdul’ and I am also busy writing. Hopefully one day, I will produce my own film,” she said.

What are the goals of her production company?

“I hope that through my production house, I make movies which will bring out social awareness or that change what society does not see right. Through media and entertainment, not only can we educate people, we can enlighten and empower them too. And I’d like to bring that change.”

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