CFI Hosts Event to Honour Home Secretary

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Politicians, businessmen and several prominent members of the Asian community assemble at Sheraton Grand in central London to honour the First Asian Home Secretary Sajid Javid MP

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A night of remarkable celebrations when for the first time ever, the Conservative Friends of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh joined hands to celebrate the appointment of the first ever Asian Home Secretary Sajid Javid MP in Her Majesty’s Government. This Celebratory dinner was held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, London.

Over 350 elite guests attended along with the Chairman of the Conservative Party Brandon Lewis MP. The Chief Executive of the Party, Sir Mick Davis, Lord Howard Leigh, Lord Diljit Rana, Vice Chair of the Conservative Party Helen Grant MP, Minister at the Dept of Business, Richard Harrington MP, Nusrat Ghani MP, Alan Mak MP, Anne Main MP, Wendy Morton MP, Dr Sajjad Haider MEP all graced the occasion along with several other distinguished guests.

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Dr Rami Ranger CBE, Co-Chairman of the Conservative Friends of India welcomed the guests and expressed his delight on celebrating jointly with the Conservative Friends of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. He went on say that they were not only celebrating Asian success but also diversity in Great Britain.

“Diversity in the UK is accepted, respected and protected by law and that the Conservative Party is the Party of natural choice for Asians as they share similar values such as family support, hard work and enterprise,” said Dr Ranger.

Mr Zameer Choudrey CBE, Chairman of the Conservative Friends of Pakistan, paid tribute to the Javid family and congratulated the parents and family on this milestone achievement and expressed the importance of the Party for the Asian community. He went on to say that he was pleased to be part of the joint celebrations.

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Guests at the CFI event

Mr Bajloor Rashid MBE, Vice Chairman of the Conservative Friends of Bangladesh also congratulated the Home Secretary and emphasised the success of the Asian community and diversity and harmony within Great Britain.

The Home Secretary was introduced by Cllr Reena Ranger and Mr Javid, said he was overwhelmed with the event and recalled that how Dr Ranger CBE mentioned that he would host a celebratory dinner amongst a handful of his friends to celebrate his appointment. He said he certainly did not expect such a grand event. He paid tribute to Britain’s Asian communities and their success and how they owed this to their parents and grandparents who through sheer hard work and sacrifice built a better life for their children. He likened this to “standing on the shoulders of giants”. He attributed all of his success to his parents and stressed how Conservative values were the natural values for the Asian community.

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Mr Lewis was introduced by Dr Rami Ranger CBE as a leader who leads by example from the front and works incredibly hard for the Party.

Mr Lewis spoke about his admiration for the Home Secretary and of his talent and hard work in serving the country and how proud he was to see the alliance of the Conservative Friends of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in jointly hosting the celebrations. He spoke of his commitment to diversity and serving the Asian communities and working to develop a greater engagement by the Party.

Mr. Richard Harrington MP, Minister for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, introduced the Party Chief Executive Sir Mick Davis to give a ‘Vote of Thanks’.

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Bristol Lab’s T Ramachandran and family with Kailseh Solanki, Kalpesh Solanki

Sir Mick Davis particularly thanked the organising team behind the event including the caterer Ragamama Ragasaan, the London Cabaret Club and VP Bhangra for the entertainment. Sir Mick mentioned how the event was a great success and how together and united the Party could make Britain great for us all. He asked the guests to support the Party financially as prosperity could not be enjoyed free of cost.

Bouquets were presented to Mrs Javid, the Home Secretary’s mother, and to Mrs Laura Javid, the Home Secretary’s wife whose birthday was also celebrated on the night, by Mrs Renu Ranger and Mrs Rakshanda Choudrey and the loyal toast to Her Majesty the Queen was given by Dr Atul Pathak OBE.



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